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Des Boodram



Welcome to Week 10 where bye weeks and the over unpredictability are throwing a serious wrench into the roster construction process.  There are injuries and trades to factor in as well, so let’s not pretend cashing consistently is an easy task.  It’s hard and can be difficult at times.  Week 9 is a perfect example of why you need to keep your eye on the lineup right up until 1pm.    Leonard Fournette whose drum I banged last week went all entitled athlete and got suspended with no notice screwing fantasy lineups including thousands of cash lineups.  Thankfully a quick pivot up to Ezekiel Elliot and than another pivot downwards to Michael Thomas from Mike Evans was just what the doctor ordered.  Everyone was in double digits and TY Hilton dropped over 30 fantasy points on some fools.  Check out the results below and let’s get to work.


  • WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good
  • WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 4 –  130 points – CASHED – you know I did
  • WEEK 5 –   88  points – All time low
  • WEEK 6 – 131 points – CASHED – just above sweet spot
  • WEEK 7 –  157 points – CASHED – Gimme some more!
  • WEEK 8 – 141 points – CASHED – Pumping fist making sounds like a cash register
  • WEEK 9 – 141 points – CASHED – Time To Make it Rain


Dak is the high-end QB this week and with good reason.  No Zeke, no problem, Dak still has a bunch of targets and two legs that can get you 5-6 fantasy points.  I’m looking for 20 points, and the path to this number is easier for Dak than any other QB this week.  I like Goff, and Stafford whom have great matchups but Todd Gurley steals volume and Cleveland is sneaky good on defense.  More than 20 would be nice.


RUNNING BACKS – Saved By The Bell
Le’Veon Bell is the no brainer cash game lock of this week.  The Colts are horrible, and his floor is way high.  Again the price tag is high but so is his ceiling.

Jordan Howard is getting you 25 touches per game, and with Green Bay visiting, the Bears will do everything they can to slow the game down… this means a healthy dose of Howard.


WIDE RECEIVERS – Keeping Up With the Jones

My first choice is to go with Julio Jones assuming he plays against  a sub-par secondary.  Atlanta will break out and Julio will be at the center.

Marvin Jones is tremendous and has had double-digit targets in 3 straight games.  He’ll come back down to earth at some point, but not against Cleveland..

Sterling Shepherd is dirt cheap on FD and is the #1 WR in the Giants  offense.  Don’t forget about this ability to make plays, and a game against  terrible 49ers  should give him all the opportunity he needs.


TIGHTEND – Which Kroft

Tyler Kroft has been outstanding in his rookie campaign and the Bengals should get to the air early and often.  Tennessee has a secondary ranked in the bottom of half of the league, so I’d expect Kroft do up his production in this one.


DEFENCE– It’s  A Bears Market

I’m going with Chicago’s defense but for $4300 I’m not expecting much.  I’m not crazy about the options this week so I’m going to spend low and take a chance.  The Green Bay Packers come to town  and their offense is deeply malnourished.  Take you shots



Good Luck Gamers