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November 15th, 2017

Des Boodram



It was a tough individual football week for gamers across the board.  The field was not that great, and daily fantasy cash lines were at a season low.  There’s a lot that can be taken away from this, but if you’re on the wrong of your picks or DFS for that matter, you have to move on.   Football has been good to all of us so don’t let a bad week bring you down.  I confess this week was especially maddening for me as many players had season lows in volume and many teams had season lows or highs in output, resulting in several bad beats, and a tough mudding through a required seven game slate with confidence points.

Whether you are at the top of the standings or in the middle of the pack it’s really time to bear down and get a little chippy with your picks.  Put the work in and expect big things to happen.  Get mad when things don’t go your way, and get back at it again.  That’s me this week sitting at 30th overall with seemingly no hope.  The strong seem to be getting stronger, but we have many in the weeds so let’s take a look.


BOSTONDREW gets some mad props this week for being the only player to finish with a perfect record, and is now $50 richer.  Drew appears to have played the game straight up leading off with two favorites in New Orleans and Los Angeles, two teams that look like legit contenders.  He showed great faith in Green Bay, and Atlanta and was rewarded accordingly while sticking with Minnesota who was coming off a bye… also smart.  He made the right choices with Tampa Bay and New England believing that the Jets were the farce that they are, while going hard against history and taking Tom Brady to cover at Denver.  Something tells me that the “BOSTON” in his name wanted to show confidence in his Patriots while not investing too much while doing so.  I could be wrong.


There were a season low four players that finished with a 6-1 record, so we all need to pick up the pace.  One of the most interesting observations was of the top eight week 10 leaders, only 2 of 56 picks were for over/under outcomes and one of those was for the Washington vs Minnesota being under, while having a total score of 66 points. What does this tell you???  That predicting over/under outcomes is not only difficult, the field thinks it is difficult.  I usually try mixing in 1-2 over/under predictions every week, but I may reconsider this strategy.


At the top of the leaderboard sits KdubbNM who finished the week 3-4 for a total of 2.80 points.  Yes their biggest feat this week was simply not losing any points.  Last weeks leader Romoney1977 now sits 9 points behind the lead in 3rd place overall after finishing 1-6.   That’s a big fat crapping of the bed, but no one really took advantage, meaning Romoney1977 is very much in it, and if it was simply a bad week, they should still be there in the end.  It will be interesting to see how they bounce back.  Allredb1 who finished 5-2 gained 31 points on last weeks leader and is 2nd overall showing you how quickly thinks can turn in the WSOH competition.   See you at the end of the week gamers.