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November 18th, 2017

Des Boodram



Week 10 was nothing short of forgettable after only one of my nine cash game plays hit value.  I struck out the QB position again, and regret choosing Dak Prescott for $400 more than Jared Goff.  It was a downhill joy ride on Sunday and the final result capped off a horrible weekend playing DFS and picking game outcomes against the spread as well.

I try to have at least one take away every week, and with losses, what you can learn increases exponentially.  I paid a lot of money for Week 9 stats and performances, and got nothing in Week 10… not from Marvin Jones, the Chicago Defense or Tyler Kroft.  When a QB loses his stud RB and LT he needs to be faded, especially if the matchup is right.  Dak is able to pile up all those rushing yards only because of the effectiveness of Ezekiel Elliot, don’t let anyone tell you any different.  Lesson learned.

Check out the wall of shame below, and let’s work together on righting the ship.


  • WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good
  • WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 4 –  130 points – CASHED – you know I did
  • WEEK 5 –   88  points – All time low
  • WEEK 6 – 131 points – CASHED – just above sweet spot
  • WEEK 7 –  157 points – CASHED – Gimme some more!
  • WEEK 8 – 141 points – CASHED – Pumping fist making sounds like a cash register
  • WEEK 9 – 141 points – CASHED – Time To Make it Rain
  • WEEK 10 –  70 points – That was embarrassing


QUARTERBACK –  I’ll Take Smith For $7900 – Alex…

I love Carson Wentz this week, but Jay Ajayi makes me nervous at the goal line.  For the first time this season the Eagles have an every down back.  He vulture some points last week, you just didn’t notice because the Eagles scored 56 TDs.  That’s why I’m taking the discount on Alex Smith.  The running game has slowed considerably, Smith can get you fantasy points on the ground, and the offense is still explosive.  Andy Reid’s record in the week after the buy is worth noting… you can look it up.  Smith is great on the road, and I’m expecting big things.



I’m going with a couple of vins for my running back tandem this week.   Alvin Kamara is a cash game must.  He’s cheaper than Mark Ingram but gets less volume with similar upside because of his involvement in the passing game.  By the end of the season he may be the best rookie RB in the league., but in Week 11 he’s a must play.

Melvin Gordon at home with something to prove is the narrative I’m sticking with this week.  The Bills just gave up six rushing TDs to the Saints, and are rolling out a first time starting rookie QB.  I like it.  Melvin Gordon bounces back.


WIDE RECEIVERS – The Good Shepherd

Sterling Shepherd is easily the number one target in New York, and he can catch the ball too!!  He has a great matchup against the Chiefs… so we’re rooting for a shootout in this one.

Emmanuel Sander has a tougher matchup, but I’m digging the double-digit target potential, while playing at home.  There are a lot of comparable WRs in this price range so feel free to pick and choose.  I like Sanders

Marquise Lee is the clear #1 in Jacksonville, and has a cake matchup in CLEVELAND.  It could be the Leonard Fournette show, but at $6500 it’s worth the shot.



Kelce is a must play, so make it happen.  The Giants have given up a TE score in every game they have played this season, so why stop now.  He’ll be high owned so I won’t be surprised if lays a big egg.  You have to play the numbers though, and the numbers point to Kelce.


DEFENSE – San Diego Chargers

They have improved since the start of the season and have been super stingy of late, finally being at full strength. Health wise.   Even better Buffalo is rolling out a rookie QB to make his first start on the road.  This has a recipe for disaster, and the Chargers and their owners will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Good luck gamers.