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December 8th, 2017

Des Boodram



Down the stretch we come, and it’s been another great year.  Hopefully you’ve lined your pockets and beefed up your bankroll by doubling down after bad weeks, and playing conservatively through the other weeks.  Week 13 was an easy cash outcome as  my optimal cash lineup finished in the top third of the field.  The crazy part was is that the lineup only yielded 114 points, which is my lowest cashing point total of the season.

The cash is good, and clearly the lineup fell short in GPP world, but the 114 score was perturbing, as I had a handful of swing and misses including Jordan Howard, Stephon Diggs, and DeVante Adams.  Any one, regardless of performance who finishes with single digit output is an under performer and any top dollar player who finishes with less than 15 points is  as well… so thanks for nothing DeAndre Hopkins and your 12 points.

My magic number for QBs is 20 points so Philip Rivers who was in an ideal situation at home to Cleveland was a disaster.  That’s 5 roster spots that underperformed so special thanks to Alex Collins (22 points), Travis Kelce (23 points) Chicago’s defense and my kicker for pulling their weight…I’m still miffed.  This week is no difference as two dozen teams have something to play for and there are injuries and QB issues everywhere.

Pay attention not to just me, but whoever you go to for your DFS advice.



  • WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good
  • WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 4 –  130 points – CASHED – you know I did
  • WEEK 5 –   88  points – All time low
  • WEEK 6 – 131 points – CASHED – just above sweet spot
  • WEEK 7 –  157 points – CASHED – Gimme some more!
  • WEEK 8 – 141 points – CASHED – Pumping fist making sounds like a cash register
  • WEEK 9 – 141 points – CASHED – Time To Make it Rain
  • WEEK 10 –  70 points – That was embarrassing
  • WEEK 11 – 126 points – CASHED by the skin of my teeth
  • WEEK 12 – 129 points – CASHED still too close for comfort!
  • WEEK 13 –  114 points – CASHED  bittersweet




I hate his $8200 price tag because he can lay some eggs on you, but when he goes off Alex Smith doesn’t mess around.  Smith averages 21 fppg and has a plus matchup at home against Oakland in Week 14.  He was a beast last week, and the rushing yards he can add is an asset.  Kareem Hunt has digressed almost every week since Week 1 and is not trustworthy.  Smith for the fourth time in cash this season seems like a broken record, but the upside is there.


RUNNING BACK – Jamaal Williams


This is what you need to know… Williams has averaged 20 carries per game in his last four and almost 4 targets per game as well.  $6600 for a 20 carry RB against Cleveland?   Joe Mixon blasted them for 114 yards two weeks ago… Sign me up!!


Peyton Barber for $5500 is a must play if Doug Martin is out.  He is a goal-line marvel and if his volume is around 17-20 touches the value should be there.  It helps that he’s used in the passing game AND that he gets a Detroit run defense that is the bottom third of the league.


WIDE RECEIVER – DeAndre Hopkins
Yes I’m banking on a bounce back week.  In cash it’s all about a distinguishable floor that’s as high as possible.  With Hopkins getting double digit targets every week without fail, at home against San Francisco he’s as good of a play as any WR.


Larry Fitzgerald – see above for Hopkins.  The dude is a target machine and gets a 25th ranked pass defense in the Tennessee Titans.  The key is that neither Houston or Arizona will ever be in a position to run out the clock and will be in passing situations for four quarters.  Get some!!


Nelson Agholor is a clear #2 in a high flying offense where Alshon Jeffery draws the member of the secondary on each team.  He has 7 TDs  this season and had 12 targets last game.  I like the $6200 price tag, but I don’t like the indistinguishable floor.  Roster construction is a big driver in this one.


TIGHT END – Travis Kelce
Yes I’m going to the well again, but Kelce gets major action every game.  I can’t not roster him in cash as the Raiders defense is a joke.  Easy choice!!


DEFENSE – Cincinnati Bengals


I’m hoping Vontaze Burfict plays in this one, but I like the Bengals at home against Chicago.  I like the $4600 price tag too, but don’t like any higher priced Defenses this week.  There’s always a defense that shows out, so I’m hoping this week it’s the Bengals.  The Chicago offense is the worst scoring defense in the NFL, let’s hope the Bengals can take advantage.


Good Luck Gamers!!!