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World Series of Handicapping Week 14 Recap:  Standing Tall

December 13th, 2017

Des Boodram



It was a weird week, chalked full of great games that I wanted no part of, but wanted to enjoy.  The snow game in Buffalo was unreal… and such a blast to watch.  An easy under pick if you knew what was going on Sunday morning and you submit your picks late.  No one in the top 25 played this game, and I saw one player take the over (oops) and person take the under.  One of the many benefits of submitting your picks as late as possible.  The games were great this week, I counted only four games that were super chalky and one of them was the New England game that cost a lot of people a lot of money OR points if you’re playing the World Series of Handicapping.    That means 12 games were pretty much coin flip games, and as good as the games ended up being it was a tough parlay this week.  No one really scored that well, so the leader board only had some minor movement.  The pack squandered a great opportunity to gain on the leaders but were unable to capitalize. So how bad was it?


First, props to Rocket for a 6-1 record and the weeks top score of  21.70,  This is the lowest top score of any week, but it should be enough to gain a little ground.  The OAK pick was their only stinger, but you live and learn.  There were a handful of 5-2 records including yours truly, but I also wanted to give props to user Croatian Sharp, and Croatian Sharp who has submitted multiple entries and finished along side Croatian Sharp 2.  More on them a little later.  It is so difficult to hit 7-0 on a given week.


The total standings tell a much more intriguing story in my humble opinion as a high number of people are now mathematically out of it.  There are also a group of people that have moved into striking distance.  The leaders have remained relatively the same as well.  Currently Allredb1 still hold to what appears to an insurmountable lead at almost 70 points.   The ball is totally in their court as they simply have to go with the chalk for the remaining 4 weeks of football.  Other teams will take the risks, so a little conservatism won’t hurt.  KdubbNM, Elroysports, Romoney1977 round out the top six despite a terrible week by Romoney1977.  It’s anyone’s game as it appears as though this is going to go down to the wire.  I have to give  a special “props” award to Croatian Sharp and Croatian Sharp 2.  They or he or she  killed it with their week 14 results, and now both entries are in the top 6.    This is remarkable, that they are keeping two entries near the top of the standings like that.  I’m assuming it’s one person with multiple entries but we’re not here to judge.

The million-dollar question for me is at what score or deficit are not able to compete in the contest.  With all the point total and leader board fluctuations I’m guessing that number is pretty big.  Either way we have a lot of homework to make week 15 a huge success.  I’m with you gamers.