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December 15th, 2017

Des Boodram



It wasn’t pretty in week 14 and quite frankly it hasn’t been all season.  We had a great stretch from weeks 6-9 as well as week 1, but aside from that we’ve failed miserably three times, and got grinded it out the rest of the weeks.  It’s perturbing that I can’t nail down value QBs, nor high-end QBs forcing me to depend on players over performing.  Yes I’ve had good fortune, which is part of it, but I wish I can get one week where the lineup is dominant from top to bottom.  DeAndre Hopkins and Jamaal Williams were top end studs, while Gio Bernard who was a late pivot crushed value.

Everyone else was blah or less than blah including Alex Smith – thanks for nothing Smitty… the Kansas City kicker and his 17 points really saved the day.  I love some of the value spots this week – but you still have to make your own adjustments, as successful as this season has been, I still don’t consider myself any type of authority on cash game lineups as I tend break some major cash game rules every week.

There are lots of game time decisions that impact lineups AND weather is always a factor, I know you enjoyed the Colts at Buffalo game last Sunday.  Let’s get ‘er done.


  • WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good
  • WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED
  • WEEK 4 –  130 points – CASHED – you know I did
  • WEEK 5 –   88  points – All time low
  • WEEK 6 – 131 points – CASHED – just above sweet spot
  • WEEK 7 –  157 points – CASHED – Gimme some more!
  • WEEK 8 – 141 points – CASHED – Pumping fist making sounds like a cash register
  • WEEK 9 – 141 points – CASHED – Time To Make it Rain
  • WEEK 10 –  70 points – That was embarrassing
  • WEEK 11 – 126 points – CASHED by the skin of my teeth
  • WEEK 12 – 129 points – CASHED still too close for comfort!
  • WEEK 13 –  114 points – CASHED  bittersweet
  • WEEK 14 –  125 points – CASHED – dodging bullets like it’s my job


QUARTERBACK – Russell Wilson


I don’t care that Wilson’s lowest output since Week 1 was against the same Los Angeles Rams he plays against in Week 15.  He’s at home now, and he’s a beast at home averaging 26.8 fantasy points at home, and that includes playing top defenses like Philadelphia and Jacksonville on the road.   He’s taken that entire offense on his shoulders, now let him do it for your fantasy football line up.


RUNNING BACK – Kenyan Drake


At $6500 he’s an outright steal especially considering Drake is getting volume without scoring TDs.  The Bills just gave up 130 yards to Frank Gore who touched the ball on half of their offensive plays.  What I’m trying to say is that they knew Old Man Gore was getting the ball and they still couldn’t stop him.  Take the discount.


Latavius Murray – here’s what you need to know… the visiting Bengals have the 32nd ranked rushing defense in NFL.  They just gave up a boatload to Jordan Howard, and now they have to go to the Vikings banged up and try to stop them??  If Murray get’s 20 carries he will be golden.


WIDE RECEIVERS – What Can Brown Do For You


Antonio Brown is a slam-dunk, no brainer, must play, even against a scheming defense like New England.  I think Antonio Brown and Big Ben beat what ever the Patriots throw at them.  Brown is an unstoppable rebel force puts up video game number regardless of whether or not the Steelers win.


Devin Funchess – he’s been a top 10 WR since he became the WR1 when Kelvin Benjamin got traded.  The former Michigan standout should see 10-11 targets in this one as Cam attempts to keep up with Aaron Rodgers while the Packers secondary figures out how to cover somebody.


Robert Woods – this is where I break my cash game rules and roster a guy coming off a 3 game hiatus and has an unpredictable floor.  I have no clue about volume for Woods but what I can tell you is that for $6700 he was the best option as it pertains to roster construction.  He also showed out last the Rams played the Seahawks and the secondary is even more banged up…. Still undecided about this one, but I won’t blame anyone who puts Woods in their lineup.


TIGHTEND – Delanie Walker
I do love Graham for a bounce back this week, as he traditionally does well against the Rams, but Walker’s getting 9 targets per game AND getting multiple red zone looks.  At $6500 it’s a good middle spot, not risky and not sexy.


DEFENSE – New Orleans Saints


The Jet come to town after just getting shut out in Denver, and the  Saints have a bunch to play for, so they are coming.  The Jets also will start Bryce Petty so give me some of that.  The Saints DEF is $4600 so I’m assuming they are going to be pretty Chalky.  Like them?  I love them this week.