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December 22nd, 2017

Des Boodram



OK – so we’ve cashed in 11 of 15 weeks, so if you’ve been consistent, you are seriously in the black so kudos for you, because there’s nothing I want more for you than to have fun and WIN.  Last season I cashed in 15 of 17 weeks, so in retrospect this year hasn’t gone as well, but if the goal is to make money than we have met our goal… so far.  I feel great about this week’s cash roster, and I will play heavy to make up for last week’s debacle that saw Russell Wilson, Devin Funchess, New Orleans, and Antonio Brown all have season lows… thanks for nothing you guys!!  In all honesty I have no idea what the hell happened as all the production and scoring went to every wrong guy you could think of.  Antonio Brown’s injury sunk an already sinking ship, and Russell Wilson was the iceberg.  Check out this cash game line up.


WEEK 1 – 144 points – CASHED

WEEK 2 –    93 points – Not Good

WEEK 3 –  135 points – CASHED

WEEK 4 –  130 points – CASHED – you know I did

WEEK 5 –   88  points – All time low

WEEK 6 – 131 points – CASHED – just above sweet spot

WEEK 7 –  157 points – CASHED – Gimme some more!

WEEK 8 – 141 points – CASHED – Pumping fist making sounds like a cash register

WEEK 9 – 141 points – CASHED – Time To Make it Rain

WEEK 10 –  70 points – That was embarrassing

WEEK 11 – 126 points – CASHED by the skin of my teeth

WEEK 12 – 129 points – CASHED still too close for comfort!

WEEK 13 –  114 points – CASHED  bittersweet

WEEK 14 –  125 points – CASHED – dodging bullets like it’s my job

WEEK 15 –  90 points – Looking around to blame anyone but myself.


QUARTERBACK – Super Cam       


I love Cam Newton’s matchup this week.  He get’s a super soft pass defense and has a healthy Devin Funchess, Greg Olsen and now Christian McCaffrey.  Is always a threat to run and score on the ground as well.


RUNNING BACK – Two Good To Be True


I’m going big at RB this week at both positions.  I’ve yet to do this at all this season usually going two value picks or one and one.  This week I’m rolling with Ezekiel Elliot as I feel as though he’s going to come in fresh with at least 25 rushes heading your way.   I don’t care how angry the Seahawks are having losing at home last week this team is soft and the life is almost fully out of them.  Streak with Zeke this week.


I’ve ignored Mark Ingram long enough.  I think it’s because he’s not flashy or overly fast that he’s overlooked on draft day.  He just bull dozes people and now that New Orleans has a viable defense, the Saints can have a more balanced attack, which includes lots of value to the RB position.



WIDE RECEIVERS – Wood You Could You


Bobby (aka) Woods is waaaaaaay under priced at $6600.  We are talking about a top 10 WR since week three and the guy gets no love.  Great value, don’t get lost in the Woods this week.


Mike Evans is back getting targets again, and goes up against an average Carolina secondary.  Expect the Bucs to throw it early and often in this one making Evans and his $7K price tag a good buy.


Keelan Cole – yes I’m drinking the Kool-Aid  for $5300 per glass.  In all honesty he has been great scoring in three straight games.  I don’t even need him to score this week… just get me some points and I’ll be happy.  He’s a deep threat that has seen an increase in volume and he’s dirt cheap too.  This is the type of Cole you want in your Christmas Stockcing.


TIGHT END – Greg Olsen


This is a roster construction play that also makes sense.  Though I don’t expect Greg Olsen to repeat last week’s numbers, I do think that Cam Newton understands how important it is to keep that motor running at full speed.  I see a more modest output with the chance of a score on 6-8 targets.


DEFENSE – Take Your Pick


There are no matchups that strike me as a must owns this week, but I am on record saying that Defense has been my least successful position in the Daily Game.  I love San Diego, and Chicago at home to Cleveland is intriguing, but I’m ready to get this over with this week, so be sure to do your homework..
Good Luck Gamers.