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World Series Of Handicapping Week 17 Consensus Picks

DEC 30TH, 2017

Des Boodram



As I write my final regular season Consensus Picks article for the World Series Of Handicapping I am met with many emotions.  As frustrated as I was when I had weeks in the red, I was equally as joyful when I posted a number.  It was fun, grueling and challenging…. But no one died, so let’s chalk this up to real positive experience.
This week we are going for it all… no defensive picks – it’s 7-0 or bust, and we’re not going to let the field shape our decisions.  Though it is important to hear what the field is saying, sometimes you need to double back and pick your spots.


Kansas City +3.5 at Denver


I’m fading this game big time.  I don’t know what’s gong to happen here.  What if Mahomes is a dud and the Chiefs get blown out.  Denver is fully intact and ready to play at home, I can see them winning a meaningless game especially considering the Broncos are prideful bunch.


Packers +7 at Detroit


I think that  giving Green Bay that many points is generous and they could be covered.  The Packers are riddled with injuries and the Lions have an outside shot at the playoffs.  This should be an easy cover for the Lions, and I haven’t decided whether I’m touching this one or not.


Jacksonville +6 at Tennessee


This is the third straight game that the field has selected the road team while getting a significant amount of points.  Also one of the two teams in these games is either resting players or decimated by injuries.  This has to drive Vegas nuts trying set lines on games where players may not play … no thank you on that one.  I’m not sure what Jacksonville has to play for so Tennessee who is at home and needs a win should come through… but I won’t be surprised if they don’t come, Mariota has been terrible this season.


Carolina +3.5 at Atlanta


Finally a line right where it should be featuring two teams playing all their players.  Both teams have something go play for and I’m predicting the game of the week with Carolina coming out ahead straight up, but I’ll take the points of course.  I do think it will be close, but that Carolina defense is just too good.  The field is very wise this week picking on games and I look forward to seeing the outcomes.