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NBA DAILY FANTASY 1/27:  Finding Your DFS Rhythm

January 27th, 2018

Des Boodram



Unlike football and even baseball, basketball is a game of rhythm and flow, and when choosing your daily lineup a similar approach should be used.  There are a ton of variables with the NBA… significantly more than football or baseball.  For example in baseball you know each offensive player that you roster will get 4-5 ABs and you never have to factor in defense.

In basketball, a player can be placed on a minute restriction and there are a bunch of variables that play into that decision, including foul trouble, injury to player or teammate, rest, game flow, opposing defense and productivity.  You just never know what a coach is going to do from game to game.  This is why it is imperative  to pay attention to basketball and everything that’s going on.

What players are injured and how will that impact playing time should be a primary concern.  It seems like a lot, but you can get news on players and teams delivered to you through Twitter.  Trends are easier to identify because there are way more games, so trust the numbers, and don’t stop staying up with comings and goings of the league.

Last week was decent… we killed it with Ben Simmons and Marc Gasol, but blew it with Jerian Grant.  Thems the breaks but we live to fight another day.


POINT GUARD – Elfrid Payton $7400

Not exactly  a low dollar value play, but I like Payton here to get a ton of volume via touches on every possession.  I still think Orlando loses, but Payton is on pace to go off,  meaning I am opting to save money buy not going super big with Steph or John Wall.  I also like Yogi Ferrell with Devin Harris and Seth Curry out.

SHOOTING GUARD –  I hate choosing between Durant,  Thompson  and/or Curry.  I think Klay is the way in this one.  Thompson is a defensive asset who will stay on the floor.  Boston’s perimeter defense is going to struggle with Marcus Smart out, so I like all the attention to go to Steph and Klay to better shots off.


SMALL FORWARD – Harrison Barnes at Denver $6600

I like Barnes in this spot, especially because the Mavs are getting decimated by injuries right now and he will be heavily relied upon.  The price tag is right and the volume will be there, time to let the horse out of the “Barnes”.
POWER FORWARD – Markief Morris  at Atlanta $5000
I can never tell if this is going to be a Bradley Beal or John Wall game with the Wizards.  I think it will be one or the other, but I also think Markief Morris has all the tools to dominate in the paint.  He does fluctuate with production but I like the matchup here.


CENTER – Nik Jokic Dallas $9600

Jokic is going to get your 40 fantasy points every night and that’s a great start.   I’m spending up at the Center position this weekend, and hope not to regret it.  I love the matchup, and Denver is going to feed him the ball in this one.  Deploy with confidence.
Good luck Gamers.