March 10th, 2018

Des Boodram


The Big 5 play has been kind to me, and since my mind-set on how to approach these tournaments seems to be working I’m going to go over a few strategy tips, to help you maximize your place in the standings.   So you are given $60K for five players… any two guards, any two forwards and a Center… that’s $12K per player with $18K being on the high end — think Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, James Harden etc.   The lowest player is $8K think any other player that gets minutes and comes off the bench.  I’m playing in low buy-in tournaments, and at times participating in “everybody gets paid” formats.  The payouts are terrible, but it’s a great way to stretch your dollar and it’s a bunch of fun.  Some nights I’m exhausted stressing over 9 position players rather than five.


I’m usually going to roster two $8K players… I’ll already have in mind which low balls I’m going to use, but you should scour each position to see if any more pop up.  This week I’m bouncing between four players for two spots.  I could pick the best two, and I could roster the two scrubs, but right now, I’m doing well making these determinations.  This leaves me over $14,600 per player for my next three players.  Please keep in mind that this isn’t an exact science and sometimes finding a roster with all mid-tiered players ($11K-$13K) is the way to go.  As for me I’m sticking with my strategy.  I’m looking for low-end players that are filling in for starters, or come off the bench and play at least 25 minutes… if they aren’t averaging 25 minutes in their last 10 games I’m avoiding them like the plague.  They are out there you just have to find them.  I’m looking at back-to-back games because players are often rested and I’m looking at the opposing defenses.  It sounds like a lot of scrutiny, but aren’t you going to pay attention to your investments.  Let’s take a closer look.


Guard – Bradley Beal at Miami

I’m going Beal here because his team is currently blowing out a New Orleans team and Beal is ice cold from the field (1-5 from beyond the arc)  He only has eight points and he’ll probably get benched in the fourth.  He’ll bounce back against a Miami team he just dropped 30 points on.  Close game is expected as well.


Guard – Russell Westbrook vs San Antonio

There’s not much to say about Westbrook here – he will be the focus of the offense and rack up at least 50 fantasy points in this one.  I will talk up Dwayne Wade as an $8K diamond in the rough.


Forward – Mario Hezjona at Los Angeles Clippers

Hezjona got the start last night due to two injured starters and should get the start as well.  He will play 30 minutes and has been great as a starter.  He’s a great low-dollar option on tonight’s slate.


Forward – Dillon Brooks at Dallas Mavericks

Memphis is terrible right now, but someone has to score, and Brooks has emerged as a dependable starter who has averaged 30 minutes per game in his last 10.   The Grizzlies like Brooks, and want to give him as much volume as possible for the remainder of the season.  They have a bunch of randoms getting minutes but Brooks seems to be getting the consistent play.


Center –  DeAndre Jordan vs Orlando Magic

The third of my big dollar players, Jordan is going to get fed the ball tonight all night long.  The Magic are average in the paint, but this is going to be a “Jordan touches the ball every possession” type of game tonight.  Let’s hope the Magic can keep it close so the Clippers can run up the score and Jordan plays into the 4th quarter.
Good luck Gamers.