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March 15th, 2018


I don’t know where this tournament ranks in terms of the all time greatest North American sporting events.  There’s so many to choose from.  The Super Bowl, the World Series, the Olympics, the Masters, the World Series… the list goes on and on, even NASCAR events are on people’s bucket lists.  With March Madness upon us the draw is unlike any sporting event we can witness.

Almost everyone has some type of tie to one of the 68 programs that make it in, and for those that don’t there’s the infamous bracket.  You can join all kinds of leagues and formats and competitions at work, with your family and friends.  The combinations are endless… even my Dentist created a league for all of his patients with the top three participants getting credit for Dental Care.   The tooth be told… there’s no event that interfaces with more people across more demographics than the NCAA tournament typically coined “March Madness”.

The magic number for me this year is “6” as in 90% of games where the spread is 6 points or higher the favorite will win.  On the flip side the favorites only win 54% of the games where the spread is 5 points or lower.  So we already know who’s dancing, but as you fill out your bracket the question remains – are you dancing.


Upset Specials –


St. Bonaventure +5.5 vs Florida


Play-in specialist St. Bonnies comes in hot against an up and down Florida team that has been pretty consistent in tournaments past.  That was under Billy Donovan however, and this Florida is one of the weakest in recent memory.  I don’t like the guard play for the Gators, and this game seems like it could be more than a simple cover by the underdog.


San Diego State +4 vs Houston
This one seems too good to be true as San Diego State come into this game on fire… this is simply a bad draw for Houston, who is going to wonder how this squad got an #11 seed.  Houston has had an amazing season, but the Aztechs have been off the charts for the entire second half of the season.  I like them against Michigan too in round two.


Davidson +5 vs Kentucky


Wildcats face off against Wildcats for a chance to play the Arizona Wildcats in round two.  This is a classic over look by Kentucky here as the Davidson Wildcats have a legit shot at both a cover and outright win.  UK was seems to be peaking, but this team is young and undisciplined and Davidson shoots the three-ball extremely well, just ask Rhode Island.


Loyola Chicago +1.5 vs Miami


Vegas says this game is pretty much a toss-up but I say Loyola Chicago takes this game from the gate and blows the doors off of Miami in the first round dealing the ACC it’s first death blow of the tournament.  Loyola is not here by accident, so mark them down for a nice mid-range upset here.
Good Luck Gamers.