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March 18th, 2018


As we unpack the top 10 two-baggers this season, understand that this position is top heavy AND after the second tier of players there’s a lot value out there for you to extract.  Nothing is more of drag in fantasy baseball than having a noticeable deficit at one position that you are unable to address.  Second base is usually that position for most people.   Let’s do some major thought shaping in preparation for your upcoming fantasy draft and DFS baseball.


#1 Jose Altuve – Houston Astros

There is no player at any position that gets the consensus number one ranking more so than Altuve.  A five-tool stud  who will give you 20/30 for the next 10 years.  His OBP is off the charts for 2Bs and he’s in an amazing line-up.  The case could be made for him to be the first overall pick.


#2 Anthony Rizzo – Chicago Cubs

Rizzo is intriguing because he backs into the 2B position, but offers tremendous value, because 1B is so deep.  I’m taking Rizzo at the start of the second round, and plugging him into my 2B spot, and than taking a 1B later on.  This is sound advice if Rizzo falls your way, because you’re not going to give up 30 bombs and 100 + RBIs with that OBP at the 2B position.


#3 Jose Ramierez – Cleveland Indians

Ramirez quietly put up top three 2B numbers and with 30/20 potential he cannot be ignored.  The Indians are going to be great this season and Ramierez will be right in the middle of it piling up HRs and SBs.  There’s a good chance he’ll be even better this season.


#4 Daniel Murphy – Washington Nationals

Murphy was up and down last year, super streaky at best… and cold for extended periods of time at worse.  This lineup goes as Bryce Harper goes, but there are enough bats for Murphy to have good value where you’re going to get him.  I’m expecting more consistency and better numbers from Murph this season.


#5 Brian Dozier – Minnesota Twins

The Twins have a high ceiling line-up this year, with a bunch of guys worth taking a healthy shot on.  Dozier is one of them because 30+ bombs with counting stats in bunches is nothing to scoff at.  Three years ago Dozier was a stud and two years ago everyone overpaid for him.  Last year everyone underpaid for him, and this year my fear is that he will digress a bit.  I’m staying a way, but his upside in this lineup cannot be ignored.


#6 Yoan Mocada – Chicago White Sox

There’s not much to say here, simply because we don’t have a big sample size.  What we’ve seen however, has been nothing short of amazing as Mocada has been putting the bat to the ball at an extraordinary clip since the minor leagues.  A man amongst boys, if he breaks out this season, he’ll be top five at his position.


#7 Robinson Cano – Seattle Mariners

I’m ranking Cano about the same as Dee Gordon, as both offer swells in different stats.  I happen to like power better but Cano will give you solid power at the 2B position while not killing your OBP.  A base stealer is not, so you’ll have to go elsewhere for SBs… but it it’s cheap power you want CANO is your guy.


#8 Dee Gordon – Seattle Mariners

60 steals is a lot.  Really a team total of 85 is all you really need, which is diminishes Gordon’s value as what appears to be an exclusive base stealer.  It’s painful watching a player who only contributes one stat game after game.  He’s a base stealing stud though, so if that’s what you need, Gordon is your guy.


#9 Jonathon Schoop – Baltimore Orioles

Shoop was a top seven 2B last season, but the Orioles line up as a whole is expected to digress.  I love the runs, HRs, and RBIs, but I’m not overpaying for Schoop even if the numbers are solid.


#10 Whit Merrifield – Kansas City Royals

Merrifield is the counter to Schoop with a little less power, but more speed.  A lower OBP results in a lower ranking, but ultimately you have to decide what your line up needs.  When you have to make the choice between these two, you simply have to identify what you need… Power or Speed.