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March 26th, 2018

By Des Boodam


The shortstop position is deep in 2018 so don’t panic, but it’s only 10 deep, so if you’re in a 12 man league – take notice.  Last’s year’s number one SS, Francisco Lindor was really only #1 because both Trea Turner and Carlos Correa didn’t play a full season.  There’s no super sneaky strategy for me this season at the SS position, as there are fewer unknowns than in years past.  For example – now that Trevor Story has a full year under his belt, we know what to expect.  Last year that wasn’t the case, so taking him too early was huge risk, the same with Javier Baez who showed glimpses of brilliance, but had mediocre output.  Here’s who you should have your eye on.


#1.  Carlos Correa – Houston Astros

Experts will have Correa behind Trea Turner, but the dude is better than Turner across the board except for in steals.  Last year they both had about the same amount of ABs and Correa’s out put is superior.  Huge uptick in OBP too!


#2. Francisco Lindor – Cleveland Indians

Here’s what I love about Lindor… he may slip to the third round, and he plays every game.  He is easily a 30/15 guy with 100/100 potential, and hasn’t hit his ceiling yet.  I love his balanced contributions on the stat sheet.


#3. Trea Turner – Washington Nationals

If you think SBs are sexier than HRs… than Turner is your guy.  Also, if you think steals will be hard to come by later on in the draft than Turner is also your guy.  The problem is, HRs are more difficult to find, so I’m fading Turner at the SS position which is deep. Statistically he is easily top three.


#4. Corey Seager – Los Angeles Dodgers

Seager was a little more streaky last year than I would typically like, but I like the line up he is in even without Justin Turner for a few weeks.  He’s a pure hitter, and his contact rate is high.  I believe he’ll improve on every measurable stat this season, as he’s still yet to hit his ceiling.


#5 Alex Bregman – Houston Astros

I have Bregman on my 3B list – but I like him even more as at short.  No need to beat a dead horse, here but he is still super young in the best lineup in the majors.


#6 Xander Bogaerts – Boston Red Sox

I feel like I’m being bullied here to put Bogaerts in the top 6…  My feeling here is that he couldn’t handle the stage in Boston and hit clenched his output last season.  He took forever to get going, and had a slump at the ¾ point of the season.  He showed me enough to think before I rank him too low while also being cautious about ranking him too high.  Either way the upside is there and most boxes are checked.


#7 Trevor Story – Colorado Rockies

Story goes 80/25/100 this year with 10 steals, but will be an OBP killer.  If you believe me, then getting him late will be a steal.  If you think he doesn’t improve, save the SS pick and take Baez or Arcia.  But Story is the last of the power guys.


#8 Elvis Andrus – Texas Rangers

Andrus had better numbers than Story last season, but I think that changes.  Two years ago he only had 8 HRs, so drafting him early expecting 20 bombs is risky.  For me it is.


#9 Javier Baez – Chicago Cubs

Last year Baez was supposed to crush it and didn’t.  He platooned a lot however and the Cubs could afford to platoon him.  This year, it won’t be so easy, so with a full year under his belt, he’s in Story/Andrus range.


#10 Orlando Arcia – Milwaukee Brewers

This is a stretch but I like Arcia to show major progression the an underrated Brewers lineup with Domingo Santana, Ryan Braun, Eric Thames, Travis Shaw, and new comers Chrisitan Yelich and Lorenzo Cain… this line up is good, and Arcia will be in the mix.