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By Des Boodam


The NBA and FanDuel have been my personal ATM machine for the past six weeks, and the end of the season, which is upon all of us, has me thoroughly depressed.  The daily game has been uncharacteristically good to me with basketball, and I’ve been happy to share lineups and recommendations with you.  Typically basketball isn’t my thing, but I’ve found my niche with the 5-man line up.  My strategy has remained unchanged for the last six weeks and it has paid off.   Typically I’ll go with one top of the line maxed out player.  If I don’t think he can score 60 points – he’s not my guy.  Harden, Westbrook, James, the Greek Freak and Anthony Davis are my guys, although they are everyone’s guys.  Than I’ll go two second tier players like a Ben Simmons and Damian Lillard.  Finally I’ll find two bottom of the barrel guys that are going to crush value.  Usually they will be players starting in place of injured teammates, or who have killer matchups.  So three studs, and two duds… and if I don’t foresee them getting 30 points after playing the numbers game – I don’t touch them, unless I absolutely just have to make someone fit.  Tonight’s slate is a must play.


PG/SG: Damian Lillard – $13K


A lot of people are going to go Westbrook/Harden in the “starting 5” slate.  That’s never ill advised because of what their capable of, but tonight it’s a bad strategy.  Lillard goes to San Antonio where the chance of a blowout happening is slim to none.  This means Lillard will play the entire game and the offense will run through him.  You can use that 2-3K somewhere else.  Besides Westbrook will get locked down by the Rockets.


PG/SG: James Harden – $15.5K


Harden at home vs OKC a team that is terrible on defense… yes please.  There is some risk here though, because it could be a Chris Paul game.  The Rockets are balanced and almost impossible to beat when both are healthy.  There’s some blowout potential here too… so feel free to pivot to lower priced guard and spend up at forward.


FORWARD:  Kevin Durant – $15K


Durant has been an unstoppable rebel force in his last three games.  The Dubs get a tired Pelicans team, and are coming off of a bad loss to the Pacers.  Durant, and company have less than a week to get buttoned up and I think it starts tonight with another 50-point effort.


FORWARD: LaMarcus Aldridge – $13K


I just think when a player costs on 13K and they have great shot at 50 points –- it’s a no brainer.  Aldridge actually has a good shot at 60 points, as he’s the only consistent offensive threat on the Spurs.  Aldridge gets a great Trailblazers team that does have an undersized frontcourt.  That’s enough for me to take a shot… you should too.


CENTER: Kyle O’Quinn – 10K


The last three nights he’s played, O’Quinn has provided the best value at the Center position.  His price has bumped up 2K in that time, so eventually the margins will decline, but I still think he has 40 point upside in this game, which you take at his current price.  Even he hovers around 35 points it’s a good get.

Good luck gamers.