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April 9th, 2018


I don’t typically write a piece for the Monday slate, but with the season winding down, I’m getting my final words of the season in there.  Besides, Monday’s slate is super juicy and I’m white hot right now.

It’s not the hottest I’ve ever been, but it’s the most steady I’ve been – killing 50/50s and multipliers like it’s my job.  There’s just a bunch of value out there at the end of the season, at every position, and I want to tell anyone who is listening.  I’ve never had more fun playing the daily game, and if you are playing as a non-professional, and it’s not fun – than you shouldn’t do it.  There are tons of free fantasy apps – I’ve played the daily game as a professional before, and that’s a little different, because it’s your job, and it’s only fun when your winning, because who likes to put their work into something and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

As a causal player and fan, losing shouldn’t be anything that you think about for more than a minute, so if it’s consuming your thoughts and limiting your productivity, think about altering your gaming strategy.

Let’s dig deep into my first and last Monday lineup.


PG – Will Barton vs Portland – $11,500

Barton is capable of 50 points, but I’ll be happy with 40 points and disappointed with anything last than 35, especially with this matchup.  Both Portland and Denver love playing in high scoring games that lack defense.  If  this is the case there’s going to be plenty of volume for Barton, who’s the best ball handler the Nuggets have.


PG – Ish Smith – vs Toronto – $8,000

Smith has been up and down all season, but mostly up in the past few games.  He’s $8K – if he scores 20 points in this lineup that’s a plus… but I’m hoping he cracks 30 against a Raptors team, that has the #1 seed locked up and appears content to rest players.  Reggie Jackson going off is a concern, but Ish Smith has a chance to crush value.


F – Anthony Davis at LA Clippers – $17,500

Sure fire no brainer here… you could go Davis and Lebron James, but you will be thin at the other three positions… so I’m choosing Davis – over Lebron, because Davis blocks shots, and that piles up the points.   He also is more likely to score 70 fantasy points, though it seems either could do it on any given night.  The Pelicans are also more likely to play in a close game and that’s something.


F – LaMarcus Aldridge vs Sacramento – $14,000

Aldridge could drop 50 in this one, and I’m counting on that happening.  Aldridge is the focal point of this offense and is consistently over 40 fppg per game, and in this case the price is right.  He contributes across the board including blocks, and could out produce Lebron for $3K less.  


C – Marc Gasol at Minnesota – $9,000

This is a pricing mistake by FanDuel that you need to jump on.  Remember – 20 points here is value, and Gasol has a shot at 40 points on any given night.  Minnesota will be resting players and Gasol is coming off one of his best games of the season.  Sure it could be a huge let down that FD knows is going to happen, but this is the lowest he’s been priced all year, and he’s not injured or benched.  The shot at value is too good to pass up.