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April 14th, 2018


This is a DFS first for me, and maybe you two, but there’s no reason to be scared.  I’m talking about the NBA playoffs and the opportunity to set a daily line-up is yours for the taking.  Quick word for the wise – if you haven’t been playing for the last 6 weeks or so, it’s going to be challenging to pick up in the playoffs.  Otherwise you should be good to go.  Value picks are even more sparse and penetrating on the stat sheet, so we have to nail those.

Chalky picks will perform generally as usual, but whoever nails those value picks that come of the bench and log some minutes while filling up the stat sheet are the ones who will slide to the top of the scoring grid.  There’s no time to waste – so let’s play a full 9-man lineup today.


PG – John Wall

Price is not an issue for me with line-up construction.  I need to find high volume guys that are going to log minutes while minimizing my risks to one or two positions.  I think Wall goes off in game in one, in a losing effort.  He is going to be the only player on the Wizards worth rostering, and will touch the ball on every possession.


PG – Delonte Murray

Murray isn’t exactly an unstoppable rebel force on the offensive side of the ball – that would be LaMarcus Aldridge.  Murray however is a defensive specialist and the best defensive player on his team.  This keeps him on the floor AND increases his chance to score, and score he will even if it’s blocks and steals… tough matchup but the volume will be there.


SG – J.J. Reddick

I’m going with experience here – Reddick is the one guy on this team that I trust to find his playoff groove sooner rather than later. He has more experience than anyone on his team, and with no Joel Embiid – look for more dependable perimeter shooting.


SG – Jrue Holliday

He’s going to stay on the court, and feed Anthony Davis like it’s his job.  This series is going to be amazing – two teams with nothing to lose who can fill the bucket.  It should be an offensive show that combines for more points per game than any other series in the playoffs.  I need some exposure.


SF –  Evan Turner

Here’s an extreme value pick for me.  I have no idea what his minutes cap will be, but since Portland will be without Mo Harkless is out, that frees up some playing time for Turner.  He’s proven himself capable, so I’m hoping for the best in a high scoring affair.


SF – Justice Winslow

The same goes with Winslow in this spot.  I think Miami plays Philadelphia a lot closer than we would think I team would play an opponent who is entering the playoffs not having lost in a month.  I’m not impressed with what Philadelphia has done, and I think that Whiteside and Winslow will be a force against the 76ers who who lack a low post presence without Joel Embiid.  Winslow will strive in close games, and though Philadelphia wins, Winslow strives.


PF – N. Mirotic

Mirotic has been en fuego since he became a starter.  This is a no brainer pick at his current price on FanDuel.  Portland has no one that can matchup with him either.


PF – Draymond Green

I don’t think we’ll get the reckless Draymond in game one against the Spurs.  We will get the laser focused Green, who will be a defensive stalwart.  Expect big games from both Green and Durant, but Green is much cheaper.


C – Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas is dirt cheap and the Wizards are terrible defending the center position.  This is mid-tier pick that I am confident with as both the minutes and volume will be there.
Good luck gamers.