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April 16th, 2018

By Des Boodam


Every so often FanDuel will offer a free contest that’s hard to win but fun to play.  Currently they are in the 7th straight day of offering $500 to the one participant who chooses the three man roster that hits the most HOME RUNS in one night.  Yup!! It’s that simple… the only stat that matters is the long ball, home runs, bombs, round trippers, going yard, touch em’ all… call it what you want.  Sounds pretty easy right?  Wrong? It’s not easy, and every night there are X-factors that are selected that separate the people who chose them from the pack.

One night it’s Javier Baez hitting two bombs, or A.J. Pollock or sometimes it’s a player that seldom goes deep, that someone took a flier on like Joe Mauer.  The point being if you go with the chalk – ie Harper, Judge, and Trout you’ll be in great company, and will have to split your winnings, because most players make the easy choices for HRs and come up empty.

The proper strategy is to identify players that the field will stay away from because they have a bad matchup or they don’t hit many bombs.  More often than not random players who go off will win you the money over the studs who everyone chooses.  At one one point Bryce Harper and Charlie Blackmon hit each a bomb, and they were so chalky that 12,500 people had selected that combination resulting in them sharing the $500 to the tune of .04 each.

Once D.J. LeMahieu hit a HR followed by Justin Bour the field was reduced from 12,500 to just 37 people, each with 3 HRs to their credit all taking home $13.51.  You can’t retire but you sure could have a little fun with this.  I’m going to go over my three picks, based on matchup and variance, as well as some other picks I considered.


*** PRICE is NOT a factor – you have no budget – just select any three hitters you want – Let’s go***


Steve Pearce – Toronto Blue Jays vs Eric Skoglund – Kansas City


You really shouldn’t kick off a first time article with Steve Pearce as your feature play, but I have to do it.  While the field is going Nelson Cruz I like the HRs that Skoglund allows and how that will translate in the former Sky Dome.  Pearce has an amazing line drive rate  and should get the ball in the air with a closed roof in Toronto..


Kyle Schwarber – Chicago Cubs vs Adam Wainwright – St. Louis Cardinals


I used to love Adam Wainwright.  Now I love Adam Wainright to give up 2-3 bombs to this Cubs roster.  Again, Schwarber’s line drive rate is appealing, though a cooler forecast is reason to be concerned.  Most will go with Kris Bryant, but I’ll take my chances with the Schwarb…


Justin Smoak – Toronto Blue Jays vs Eric Skoglund – Kansas City


Skoglund is a home run serving machine and I love this matchup.  You only live once and Smoak is a long-ball beast.




Travis Shaw vs Luis Castillo – I love Shaw in all formats all the time and I’m considering a last minute change – it really depends on the weather and wind


Michael Conforto vs Jeremy Hellickson – I take comforto in Conforto playing at home against a pitcher that get’s consistently crushed.  He has 30 HR power, and has yet to get going.


Curtis Granderson vs Eric Skoglund – someone is going to eat well because they have one or more Blue Jays in their 3-man HR roster.