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DAILY FANTASY BASKETBALL: Plays That Pay – April 17th

April 17, 2018

By Des Boodam


We are two for two on playoff slates though the weekend – by the grace of the NBA gods.  Saturday’s lineups had some players that just crushed value, and all but one player hit value.  300 point lineups are my goal – which is hard to do, but should help you get in the cash, but there are times when three centuries will still leave you with nothing.

Saturday’s lineup was 327, which will always put you in the cash, but it shouldn’t be expected, as everything has to go your way.  I’m playing light everyday through the playoffs just to keep things more interesting, but unless there’s at least three games on the slate, I likely won’t recommend a line up.  My sweet spot is 5-7 games, and though 3-4 games is light we gotta play through the first round of the playoffs, because if baseball starts going downhill – it’s a long time until November rolls around again.

Like I said play light, play for fun, on less of course you are feeling it.  I love the three game mini slate tonight, and I’m going to put a little more into it.  Show me the money!!!


PG – John Wall

I love John Wall even if I don’t love the Wizards in this game or series.  He is scoring the ball well right now, but he has specialized in ball distribution over the last few games, which makes him a very dangerous asset for your daily team.  He has another shot at 50 plus points, and the Wizards really have no one else, so he’ll get 40 minutes too.


PG – Rajon Rondo

Rondo is still priced a little low for 50 point potential, so he’s a must add.  Rondo isn’t showing us anything that we haven’t seen already, as he’s a big game player with big results… spread over many years and multiple teams.   This time he has several legit scorers to get the ball too, so I’m all in.


SG – Jaylen Brown

Another mid-tiered value pick – Brown is in it to win it and we better take notice.  The Celtics now lack major depth and will rely on Brown to keep the ball moving.  The Celts are in big trouble in this on paper and they will need Brown firing, which I think he will.


SG – Tony Snell

Total throw away play here – but he’s getting you 28 minutes.  Anyone who is on the floor that much and priced that low deserves more than throw away consideration.  Snell is usually a wall flower on offense, but anything can happen.


SF – Giannis Antekounmpo

No throw away here.  The Greek Freak is in the playoffs to win.  The Bucks have to know their roster is better than the Celtics, they just need to play.  Antekounmpo is right in the middle of all these great players, so the points should pile up.



SF – Evan Turner

Turner is the first off the bench for the Trail Blazers and gets good minutes for a good price.  He always has upside, and can play and defend multiple positions.  His versatility makes him an asset, in what should be a high scoring game.


PF – N. Mirotic

He has been en fuego for a while now, and finds himself constantly in the right place at the right time.  I don’t think this is by chance, which is why he’s been so consistent.  Portland really doesn’t have an answer for him defensively as most of their attention is committed to Anthony Davis who they still can’t stop.  Mirotic is still priced right as well.


PF – P. Siakam

Yes he’s one of two throw-away players on this roster but check this out.  Siakam has hit double-digit fantasy points every game this month and has not played less than 15 minutes in a game in two months.  It’s the playoffs and minutes will be tighter, but he’ll have plenty of time to produce while he’s on the court against Washington’s crappy defense.


C – J. Valanciunas

All season long I made a living playing centers who went up against the Washington Wizards.  Valanciunas is no different, and even though he didn’t rip off 30 points in game one – his ceiling is pretty high relative to his price tag.  I love him in this lineup and I love this line up.


Good Luck Gamers.