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2018 NFL DRAFT DIGGING DEEP – Late Rounders with Fantasy Upside   

By Des Boodam


When talking about fantasy football rookies, whom have played a single snap in the NFL, late rounds include any round that isn’t the first round.  We know all impact first year offensive players go in the first round, and if it’s good draft class, many will go in the second round.  Inevitably, there’s always a 3-6 rounder that produces at a high level for his respective team, and may even have some fantasy relevance.  Let’s take a look at three player that this assertion could apply to.


#1 Kerryon Johnson RB– Detroit Lions (43rd Overall)

What you think about Johnson, depends on whether or not you are number person or an eyeballs person.  I look at numbers last, though they can’t be ignored.  What do my eyeballs tell me?  That’s the question I’m constantly asking.  Now if the numbers support my narrative I will crush my argument… but otherwise, I need to trust what I see.  I had a chance to watch Kerryon Johnson play live several times, and he quietly produces.  He’s not flashy, nor does he kill you with speed.  He is however consistent, has a great first cut, excellent vision, and is coachable.   He get’s the job done, and to the tune of 4.9 yards per carry and 18 TDs.  To put those totals into perspective, Saquan Barkley last season, played in one more game, against easier competition while averaging fewer yards per game scoring the same amount of TDs.  Johnson produced against big time defenses as well rushing for over 100 yards and accounting for two TDs.  He can catch out of the back field too, and landed in the perfect spot in Detroit, with an established QB.  Sign me up 7th or 8th round.


#2 Derius Guice RB – Washington Redskins (59th Overall)

Guice has even better ratios than Johnson, but can’t seem to get out of his own off the field.  I think he will straighten those issues and be a bonafide starter for the Redskins early in the season.  I’m not touching him in a keeper, but he’s another 7-8th rounder in season long.  He has all the skill sets available to be successful at LSU in that tough conference schedule, he just bucked every now an than.  Take, and hope he straightens out.


#3 Christian Kirk WR – Arizona Cardinals (47th Overall)

I love Kirk, and I love where he landed.  He’ll be perfect working under Larry Fitzgerald for a season.  Kirk  has all the tools to fall somewhere between Brandin Cooks and Odell Beckham Jr.  Look for the former Texas A&M star to make the week 1 lineup while making a legit impact ½ way through the season.  Sign me up in 10th round or later.