By Des Boodam


We are slightly over six weeks into the season and frustrations are setting in.  There’s nothing worse that the stagnant fantasy team that’s underperforming so badly that the players don’t even have trade value, because you’ll barely be able to net pennies on the dollar.  In most cases you have to hold serve and hope that your team comes around.

At other times, you may be able pull of a two for trade to get back some value – or eek out a one for one where both managers meet needs.   There is a group of players if you are a owner you should hold for a few weeks more OR if you should target in your league  in a buy-low scenario.    Here are five guys you should consider getting on the cheap, or holding, because you are not going to get fair market value for them anyways.



Paul Goldschmidt is one of the best all around one baggers in the league.  He hits for power, average, and can run.  The problem is that A.J. Pollock is his better half, or better in third if we are going to get super technical.  Pollock got on base like a best and Goldy has always had RBI opportunities pretty much every at-bat.  On top of that – he’s a patient hitter that always gets good pitches to hit.   His .333 OBP is pretty gross and his solid contact rate is way down while Ks are way up.  This is a horrible combination that is destined to come to a halting stop… but it could be a while.  I wouldn’t give up on him,  but I also wouldn’t expect anything from him until Pollock comes back  towards the end of June-early July”ish”… I’m trying to obtain him in my money league but his owner is too smart to cut-bait with him.

One of the biggest disappointments in this young season is Byron Buxton.  The top rated prospect was a dud in the first half of 2017 before turning it up for a monster 2nd half.  This pushed his market to the 5th or 6th round, and currently Managers aren’t getting jack squat from him, batting 7th or 8th or 9th in an average offense.  The 34 steals from last year were a huge draw, but a fractured toe from a foul ball has clipped that production.  Now owners are stuck – but if you have depth like me you can stash him on your bench and dangle him in a trade  package.  If you have faith that he’ll turn it around in the coming months – offer a chump power hitter like Matt Davidson or Yonder Alonso for him.  I think this season will be a carbon copy of last season.



Michael Conforto has been a major bomb thus far – but there’s hope—so you should try to take him out of a desperate managers hands.  Listen, if he’s the only player you have that’s underperforming you should absolutely hold him, but if you have 4-5 players — it’s time to make a move.  I’ll take him – he’s a good hitter who launched 28 bombs last season… once he heats up – it’s over.  Get him cheap while you can.



You can’t trade him and expect fair value, but he’s an absolute hold.  Power and speed are way down, but his OBP of .360 leads me to believe he’s in the mix.  Once he gets going you’ll be happy you held him OR you’ll be happy you over paid to obtain him.  I’d try to offer whatever you can get his bat in the line up… you’ll thank me for it later.



I think Cody Bellinger figures things out – I just can’t support my claims with substantial stats.  His numbers are better than say Josh Donaldson, but I don’t hear anyone truly concerned about Donaldson.  Bellinger is only in his 2nd year and is batting 2nd – now in front of Justin Turner who gets on base pretty much every at bat.  Now that Turner is back healthy – I see Bellinger getting more pitches to hit.  I’d love to see him batting fourth again, but time will tell.  If you can get him cheap you should do so… this Dodgers lineup with Kemp, Grandal and Taylor should be just fine down the stretch.