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By Des Boodam


It’s easy to track buy-low candidates, especially when you’ve invested so much in them and you aren’t likely to get fair market value.  The million dollar question may very well be who on your own team is over-performing and when should you cut ties with them.  Over performers are traditionally player who are exceeding their drafted value by at least three rounds or more.  Will they keep it up?  Should you sell now when you can maximize value?

Should you wait to see if they can do even better?  These are the questions you should be asking yourself daily, as I’m a firm believer that in season long and the daily game, that you have to constantly be reinventing your team … or at the very least be willing to do so.  It’s really a life principle.  Though I maintain this mindset applies to both the daily game and season long – I will notate my DAILY FANTASY BASEBALL OVER PRICED & UNDER PRICED player in another piece.

You’ve invested well, now it’s time to cash out that stock.



Ozzie Albies has taken the world over by storm, and I have no idea what to do.  Albies is the 7th ranked offensive player in baseball right now, and plays a position that is not very deep.  You likely drafted him for speed, but he’s given you  a boat load of power that you weren’t expecting.  If you drafted right, you now how an overflow of power and are lacking speed.  Albies is really still a rookie and is yet to hit a wall.  His OBP is down, meaning he cares more about driving the ball, rather than getting on base steal bases.  For those reasons I’m looking to move him for a big arm, or speed guy like Dee Gordon or Trea Turner.  I have enough power, but congrats to all owners for getting him in the 15th round.



Didi Gregorious was surely a late round flyer in your league that has exceeded expectations.  He’s giving you quality ABs which is why you picked up to likely be your back up SS.  Now he’s an everyday guy that you can’t bench and your stuck with two SS (most likely)  That’s why you have to trade him.  Once Stanton and Judge pick up the pace, the RBIs will shoot down for Gregorious.  He doesn’t steal and his OBP is meh! — find the Yankee love in your league and offer him up.


Cesar Hernandez is currently a top 15 offensive player who contributes evenly in all five categories.  It’s time to take the gift card that has been production and cash it in for a more solid piece down the line.  I love a stat sheet filler, but I love trading one for pitching help even more.  The power isn’t big enough to hold.



Brandon Belt is currently a top 20 player at a deep position who has limitations.  He’s not fast, plays in an average lineup in an average park and is a career .360 OBP player, so expect his current .404 OBP to decline.  He’s never hit 20 bombs in a season, which is a travesty for first basemen and likely going to hit the DL very soon, if the past predicts the future.  Get value while you can.



I don’t like how Trevor Story tails off in the second half.  Chances are you have a second serviceable SS on your roster, and Story is easy to talk up playing in Colorado.  He can’t be trusted.