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By Des Boodam


Analyzing sell high candidates is generally a fun practice.  It simply means that you whoever you drafted is over performed, which is part of the point of drafting.  Identify value and draft them to your roster.  This is not a debate of any kind, it just is, what it is.  If you drafted more over performers than under performers your team is probably pretty good.  Let’s take a look at pitchers, but know there are so many more than what’s on this list.



Josh Hader has been great, but eventually his reign atop the Brewers bull pen will come to a screeching halt.  His performance appears to be well intact, but the save opportunities will soon dry up.  His stats are simply amazing, which means that he’ll never have more value.  If you need a handcuff keep him, but if not, look to package him in a deal with someone who needs middle relief help.


Charlie Morton has to be doomed right?  He’s a career 4+ ERA and it’s currently under two … making him the 6th best pitcher in fantasy right now. There’s no room for improvement here, but there’s plenty of room for a decline.  I don’t want to be around when this happen… which it will. SELL NOW


This is sad to me, because I love Corbin and he’s had a tough career.  His velocity is down quite a bit which should scream red flags.  He hasn’t won since 4/22 and has seen his era creep up almost a full run since then.  He hasn’t had a single seven inning game since than either, and this is all quite concerning.  I’d wait for him to put together one good start and than escort him off your team.  I’m super concerned another trip to the DL is imminent.  Hold at your own risk.



Manaea simply doesn’t miss enough bats.  His K rate is gross and he’s pitching out of his mind right now on a bad team.  His career ERA is 3.75 meaning he’s likely due for a digression in the final two thirds of the season.  He was on the list of many as a potential breakout candidate, and his stats may very well hold, but I don’t think they will.  Jose Fernandez and Felix Hernandez were the only two pitchers I’ve seen recently who didn’t crack under the pressure of carrying both a bad offense and bad pitching staff.  You drafted like the experts told you to, now it’s time to get some return on that investment.



He’s truly been great, but you didn’t draft him to be that great.  His K rate and ratio stats are right on point. I just have major reservations about pitchers who over perform in the first half.  Too much can go wrong, and I expect them to tank… and most do.  Unless the pitcher has proven to be able to sustain, I’m leery… or perhaps just paranoid.  Pitching this well all season long is hard even for superstars…. This is why I’m dealing young players, before they deal you some bad stats.  I do love this team, and I’m fine with Newcomb, they could be a special bunch… but again it’s all about value.
Good Luck Gamers!!