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By Des Boodam


As promised, I am going to provide a list of one player per position that continues to be undervalued in the daily fantasy baseball landscape.  To qualify for this list, a player needs to produce consistent value while also be under priced.  Naturally there are players that are over priced, but under priced players can really help round out your roster when you are trying to same money.  It’s important understand why players are priced they are, and most times it makes sense.  A hitter may have a tough pitching matchup, or may be better on the road than at home. FanDuel and DraftKings factor in all of these variable when setting price, but needless to say – there are some players that when they play they continue to achieve great value output.


SP – Dan Straily – Florida Marlins

There are a boat load of pitchers that could be included on this list, but Staily stands out the most.  Straily is usually priced low because he plays for the Marlins, who are one of the most worst team offensively, and the experts don’t thing Straily is ever going to win… fair enough but Straily is 2-0 in his last 18 innings with 16 Ks and a low WHIP and ERA guy.  I’m not saying he is a long term solution, I’m simply saying right now he’s out producing the value he’s listed at, and he’s worth a flyer, especially in GPPS


1B/C – Francisco Cervelli – Pittsburgh Pirates

Cervelli really has been one of the most consistent Catchers in the major leagues, but his price doesn’t reflect that.  His OBP is pushing .400, he hits for power, and he’s under $3K.  His price is sure to rise, so get him in there.


2B – Ian Happ – Chicago Cubs

The guy has been on fire lately and his price is still way too low.  He has a  .535 OBP to go along some good power after a slow start.  In the daily games, he’s someone you should consider if he’s playing.  Make sure and check that for all positions.


3B – Niko Goodrum – Detroit Tigers

Goodrum has gotten a barrel of big hits, in big spots against big time arms.  I don’t know how this translates in the long run, but right now Goodrum is as good of value out there as anyone.  The Tigers as a team have been below average, but they have a lot of nice pieces, and Goodrum is working his way into the middle of a decent lineup.


SS – Tyler Saladino – Chicago White Sox

This line up is sneaky good with a nice balance of power and speed.  In the middle of that lineup is Tyler Saladino – who provides an outstanding OBP with a healthy amount of counting stats.  I love HRs, but Saladino get’s on base a lot – and that piles up the fantasy points – take the discount and give him a shot – Short Stop is touch.


OF – Yasiel Puig – Los Angeles Dodgers
Don’t look now but Puig is starting to heat up and moving up in the batting order.  Putting him around hitters like Turner, Grandal and Bellinger is a good thing.


OF – Brandon Belt – San Francisco Giants

With 5 bombs in the last two weeks Belt is dirt cheap relative to the power he provides.  When in doubt pay for the cheap home runs… Belt has a great schedule in the next two weeks as well.


Good Luck Gamers!!