By Des Boodam


There’s no reason to mince over words here, and my intentions are clear – if you are an avid NBA fan – you are delighting in the unique situation the league has found itself in.  With two game sevens on the horizon, the media fodder is endless and the story lines are a blogger’s dream come true.  As for me, I’m looking solely at the lines and trying to make game predictions based on how the first six games in each series has gone.  We’ve had 12 games – and all but two were blowouts and predictable with the most recent being tonight’s game at Golden State.  If you were on the ball, you should’ve jumped on the Golden State game six line, especially after it was announced that Chris Paul would be out.  The Rockets need all hands on deck to beat the Warriors, and no Chris Paul equals no NBA finals… more on that below.  Let’s jump into both games and see if we can get it right.




If you think Cleveland will put forth a complete team effort, and Lebron will have sufficient help in this one, than Cavs should be destined to cover.  But can you trust teammates named Larry, J.R. and Kyle??  Even I cringe when it’s spelled out like that.  If you think Brad Stevens has some more brilliance up that sleeve of his, and that the Celtics can remain undefeated at home in the playoffs, than the Celtics should cover… maybe even with ease.  If you have no opinion on the matter, but just want to play the numbers – 6 blowout games, home team winning every time etc. than Boston is your team.

Here’s how I think the game will go and what the final result will be.  I do believe this is going to be the closest game of the lot… single digits for sure.  I believe Lebron drops forty again, but his support staff drops the ball both literally and figuratively.  Shortly into the fourth quarter Lebron realizes he doesn’t have enough in the tank, but he’s done enough for another team to roll out the red carpet, and he’s content riding off into the sunset on the CAVS and the dumpster fire that is the city of Cleveland.

I think Boston makes things difficult on the supporting cast, and let’s Lebron get his shots.   He’ll play 45-48 minutes and trashed.  Marcus Smart, Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown will wear down the Cleveland offense and Boston will hit shots at home unlike what they are able to do at home.

Boston 103 – Cleveland 97.




If you think Chris Paul is going to play in this game than Houston not only covers, but they win out right.  If you think he’s out – there’s no way in hell you bet against Golden State.  Even if you are wrong, you still can’t be against them.  IF you can’t decide, let me make it easier on you… A healthy, fully loaded Rockets squad should not be able to beat a healthy fully loaded Warriors squad….

But in this series they simply have wanted it more.  They are hitting clutch shots, playing better defense and striving in the close games, likely because they get off the court in blowouts.  I have no idea what Paul’s status will be, but even if he plays, I’m betting light, as I don’t know what he will have in the tank. The Rockets need all cylinders firing and I don’t’ think they will have it game seven, which is unfortunate because they have definitely been the more passionate team.

Golden State 118  – Houston 108