FANTASY BASKETBALL – And Then There Were Two!!

By Des Boodam


Unless something of earthshaking proportions happens, this will likely be the final fantasy basketball piece for several months.  The final hour is upon us, and whether you like it or not for the fourth straight year, we are seeing the Cleveland Cavilers representing the Eastern Conference while taking on the Golden State Warriors who are representing the West.  Personally I’m always in support of the two best teams getting through even if it means that didn’t have the best records.  It seemed obvious all season long that the GSWs were only going to turn it on when absolutely necessary and that their playoff run would supersede a regular season that failed to meet expectations.  The Cavaliers have the best player on a better than average team, but Lebron James is so unbelievably good right now, that not having him in the finals could be considered some type of travesty.

I’m playing the daily format in every game, and had a great deal of success playing my roster in game one.  In this current format you can only pick five players while assigning, which players you would like to assign to have their points multiplied out at a specific value.  Two players will be accumulate points evenly as they have in traditional formats, but you will assign one player to get 2X their points, while another one will get 1.5X their points and the final player will get 1.2X their points.

Lebron was a 90% chalk in game one, but once you select him the rest of your roster is limited.  In game one I went with James, but got lucky when three of my fringe players hit including Larry Nance, Shaun Livingston and J.R. Smith who doesn’t get fantasy points for stupidity.  In game two I have separated out the players in tiers for you for additional context.


  • TIER 1 – Lebron James
  • TIER 2 – Steph Curry, Kevin Durant
  • TIER 3 – Draymond Green, Klay Thompson,  Kevin Love
  • TIER 4 – Kevin Looney J.R. Smith, Shaun Livingston, George Hill
  • TIER 5 –  Jeff Green, Larry Nance, Kyle Korver, Jordan Bell
  • TIER 6 –  Everyone else and their mothers.


This game is tight and not only do you have to hit on the right roster, you have to assign your best players to the right bonus value as well.  So here’s my thoughts on game two.


I still think that Golden State lets Lebron do whatever he wants, and focuses on the other team members.  James will get exhausted and peter out at the end.  I’m predicting a Lebron Letdown so I insist on playing my non Lebron roster this Saturday.


I’m almost certain that both Durant and Curry won’t go off on the same night, so for game 2 – I’m going with Durant to have a super-size stat line.  I like Draymond over Klay and I still have room to roster Curry.  Kevin Love will get his as he’s a bit of 20/10 guy in the playoffs and beyond so don’t be too scared.  You just need to be able to deal with Lebron getting a bunch of points.  I think Durant can match him.


TIERS 4-6 … Good Luck !!  You simply don’t know which of these players will play, when they will play and for how long.  I’m rostering my big four aside from JaVale McGee – who is my X-factor tonight.  The pickings were slim, but I think we can make it happen with Draymond, Steph, and the two Kevins .  Play multiple lineups.


Don’t forget to be strategic with how you assign value to your top three players.  That will likely make the difference!!