By Des Boodam


So in the past I’ve tried to give you daily lineups, but that has proven to be too ambiguous with all the variables that surround daily fantasy baseball.  Too often I was making changes on the fly and my initial lineups for that day were much different than the ones I was actually playing.

Now I’m going to hit you up with two articles every week from now until the end of the season.  One will revolve around pitching and the other will revolve around offense.  This way we can land the plane on matchups to target, while unpacking individual players and their projected performance.

This will give me the opportunity to breakdown ballparks and team performances as well, while also giving you the ability to make choices for yourself.  We will also put the light on individual positions as well with analysis along the way.




The Angels get a nice juicy matchup at home against the worst staff in the majors in the Kansas City Royals, so I’m all over this roster in first part of the of the week.


Next up is the New York Mets at home against in a classic interleague matchup with the Baltimore Orioles, and by classic I mean there’s nothing classic or intriguing about this matchup.  More on this matchup in my pitching article.


The St. Louis Cardinals host the Miami Marlins this week as well, pitting one of the most efficient offenses against the third highest ERA in the MLB right now.


If I’m playing the daily game I’m all in on these three rosters as they all get to play at home and all face decrepit pitching staffs.  Later on the week I’m going with Oakland who is at home against Kansas City and Toronto who hosts Baltimore.




Harrison Bader – I like Bader more at the top of the lineup, but his power/speed blend is just what most teams need as everyone battles the injury bug.  He needs to steal to hold value, especially with the depth at OF


Michael Conforto – he as hit all but one of his HRs in the last two weeks and is taking more walks as well.  Would love to see 10-12 steals out of Conforto as well, but that doesn’t look promising.  If he’s running he’s so much better.


Tommy Pham – I love Pham early in the week as he battles a Miami staff that’s terrible, and will avoid Caleb Smith.  Pham does everything, and is on the brink of being an unstoppable break through player


Justin Smoak – Smoak is a daily game dream.  His price tag has crept up, but he’s capable of multiple bombs in a game.  When in doubt chase the HRs


Yangervis Solarte – he’s been one of the streakiest player in the majors in the last two seasons and he gets Baltimore at home.  They love giving up bombs too, which is why I’m recommending all Blue Jays capable of going yard.


Matt Olsen – Sweet swinging Matt Olsen could be the next legit bomb thrower in the bigs.  Now is your chance to deploy as the Oakland A’s get Kansas City at home and the Royals have given up the most runs in the majors.


Good Luck gamers.