By Des Boodam


Green Bay Packers


  • Over/Under: 10
  • 2017 Record: 7-9
  • Fantasy Stud: Aaron Rodgers
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Randall Cobb
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Ty Montgomery
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Jimmy Graham
  • Fantasy Value Play: Davante Adams


Prediction: Aaron Rodgers will come back with a vengeance this season. Not many QBs have the potential to go 300/3 with 20 yards rushing every game… he does.  No Jordy Nelson, no problem.  Davante Adams is a legit 2nd round pick in fantasy.  Randall Cobb gets a major bump, so if he’s there after the 10th round, hit that up.  Ty Montgomery is a major X-factor so keep a close eye.  The Packers have three serviceable RBs, but none are as versatile as Ty the guy.  A-rod has never had a TE like Jimmy Graham, but he’s a daily option only.  Green Bay hasn’t used the TE like other elite QBs do, and Rodgers is more of a back shoulder guy than a jump ball QB.  I’ll pass.  Don’t think Rodgers is worth four games on with this roster??? Don’t be silly, Packers finish 11-5 and win the division easily.


Minnesota Vikings


  • Over/Under: 10
  • 2017 Record: 13-3
  • Fantasy Stud: Kirk Cousins
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Kyle Rudolph
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Dalvin Cook
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Latavius Murray
  • Fantasy Value Play:  Kyle Rudolph


Prediction: There’s a lot going against Cousins this season, new coordinator, new team, huge expectations – but I think he handles it.  He’s a top 7 QB this season, and will be worth every penny.  We just have to decide when we should draft him. Cousins loves his TEs, so I’m looking for a big season for Kyle Rudolph who was a ghost at times last season.  Dalvin Cook’s health is possibly the biggest X-factor as Latavius Murray is not dependable.  I’m on Cousins, Rudolph and Adam Thielen with a close eye on Cook while fading everyone else including Stephon Diggs, as Cousins loves his slot guys.  This team way over performed last season so I’m taking the push, as the Vikings finish 10-6




Chicago Bears


  • Over/Under: 6.5
  • 2017 Record: 5-11
  • Fantasy Stud:  Jordan Howard
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Allen Robinson
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Kevin White
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Mitch Trubisky
  • Fantasy Value Play: Tarik Cohen


Prediction: Unless you like a few trick plays I’m not buy Trubisky, thought the Bears are doing everything they can to get some pieces around him. This is going to be a run first team and Trubisky still has some things to figure out, including working with both his WRs. (Robinson and White) This is a tall order for this team that has to deal with both the Vikings and a re-focused Packers team.   I love Jordan Howard in this offense even if he can’t catch.  His lower body strength is perfect for the cold weather this division brings.  The Bears are better but only slightly as they finish 6-10.


Detroit Lions


  • Over/Under: 10
  • 2017 Record: 9-7
  • Fantasy Stud: Matt Stafford
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Golden Tate III
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: N/A
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Marvin Jones
  • Fantasy Value Play: Kerryon Johnson


Prediction: What’s not to like about Matt Stafford this season?   He’s got a lot of new toys, via Free Agency and the draft, and I’m excited to see him get after it this season.  I love both Golden Tate and Kenny Golladay this season. Tate is old faithful, and Golladay is big target that poses a legit deep threat.  This will open the field up for the four-headed monster that is the Detroit running game.  So who will emerge amongst these back??  That would be Kerryon Johnson, who will all the opportunity to take this position.  Yes I love that a running back has the name “Kerry” who will undoubtedly be told to “Carry On” all season long.  This team did not do enough on defense, Minnesota is still better and Green Bay has risen from the dead.  Detroit finishes 8-8.