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By Des Boodam


Los Angeles Rams


  • Over/Under wins: 9
  • 2017 Record: 11-5
  • Fantasy Stud: Todd Gurley
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Brandin Cooks
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Firing on all cylinders
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Cooper Kupp
  • Fantasy Value Play: Robert Woods


PREDICTION: The Rams are locked and loaded on both sides of the ball.  We’ve seen teams do this recently only to fall short because of a lack of team unity, including the Patriots and Eagles.  The division has gotten better as a whole as well so this is something to consider.  Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods are going to be considered elite by the end of this season, if not already.  Todd Gurley is going to be a top four back every week, and is matchup proof due to his ability to play every down and catch passes out of the backfield.  I love the relationship Jared Goff and Robert Woods have… Woods in the third or fourth round is going to yield good value.  This is a good team who will finish 10-6.


Seattle Seahawks


  • Over/Under wins: 9
  • 2017 Record: 9-7
  • Fantasy Stud: Russell Wilson
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Doug Baldwin
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Brandon Marshall
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Seattle Defense
  • Fantasy Value Play: Rashaad Penny


PREDICTION:  This is a tricky one.  My heart is telling me that Russell Wilson is going to defy all odds with super human performances week in and week out.  Common sense tells me that they lost too much. No Jimmy Graham, No Richard Sherman among many others on the defensive side of the ball.  I’m thinking more shootouts for the Seahawks, which means more Russell Wilson.  I like the revamped running game with Rashaad Penny running the show, and I believe Brandon Marshall will be used just like Jimmy Graham was in the redzone… #JumpBall.  I love Doug Baldwin in the third round and like him even more in the daily game.  This is a nine win team for sure – I think 10 is pushing it, so I’ll take a push.




San Francisco 49ers


  • Over/Under wins: 8.5
  • 2017 Record: 6-10
  • Fantasy Stud: Jimmy G
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Pierre Garcon
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Does there need to be one?
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Pretty much everyone not named Jimmy G
  • Fantasy Value Play: Jerrick McKinnon


PREDICTION: At first, I though Jimmy Garoppolo is worth at least a three game improvement, maybe more.  Then I look at this roster and it’s gross.  The 49ers did a terrible job putting weapons around their new franchise QB, and my fear is, because I like him, that they are going to think he can do something with nothing like he did at the end of last year, and like Tom Brady did for many seasons.  I believe the 49ers are willing let this season go the crapper, and then be aggressive in the draft and free agency in 2019.  I expect a bunch of close games, a conservative red zone attack a lot of running and a lot of field goals.  This goes against what we would expect from HC/OC Kyle Shanahan, but he’s got nothing to work with.  This team is 8-8 which is a huge improvement.


Arizona Cardinals


  • Over/Under wins: 5.5
  • 2017 Record: 13-3
  • Fantasy Stud: David Johnson
  • Fantasy Bounce Back: Brice Butler
  • Fantasy Injury Watch: Sam Bradford
  • Fantasy Plague Play: Larry Fitzgerald
  • Fantasy Value Play: Christian Kirk


PREDICTION: Unless Vegas knows something about new HC Steve Wilks I don’t know this team is better than a five win team.  Sam Bradford when healthy has proven he can play, and David Johnson is a top four RB even off injury.  The defense still has Patrick Peterson and a bunch of playmakers so this one is baffling.  I would love Josh Rosen to get the call at some point, because he is the most NFL ready, and I think he’ll be great for both Christian Kirk, and Brice Butler… not as good as Larry Fitzgerald, but good enough.  I think this team overcomes a new HC and starting QB, and rips off a 6-10 record crushing the hopes and dreams of Vegas in the process.