By Des Boodam




Cincinnati Reds at Kansas City Royals

These are two of the worst staffs in the league.  I can see 15-17 runs in each game in this series so get your dart board and starting building your daily lines while chalking them full of Royals and Reds.


Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles

I like the Boston line up at Baltimore anytime of the year.  I like them even better with Betts in the lineup.  Back from injury, this team with Betts is an absolute juggernaut.    Baltimore’s pitching aside from this past Monday night is atrocious as well.  Lock and load.


Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers

The Cubs have put together a remarkable string of offense in the last 30 days, and everyone has contributed.  Now they get a tasty matchup in division rival Milwaukee.  The Brewers are slouches either, so don’t be surprised with some scoring fests in this series.


Houston Astros at Oakland A’s

Another offensive juggernaut the Astros excel in night games on the west coast.  Jose Altuve is looking like his old self again and this is good news for this unit.  Expect big things from this offensive in this series.




Scooter Gennett at Kansas City Royals

Scooter has quietly put himself on the All-Start roster which is amazing for a guy named Scooter.  The turbo booster in this line-up hits anything that moves, and has a juicy matchup on the road.


Nick Markakais vs New York Mets

Many Braves are better on the road – Markakais is not one of them.  You’ll get him in a good matchup for one game…. Take it an run.


Brandon Crawford at Miami Marlins

Crawford has a unique blend of power and speed, though he’s not overly consistent with both.  He is a matchup play only, and has a terrible Marlins staff for a few days.  I’m expecting big things from Crawford, I just don’t know how they will come.


Michael Brantley vs Chicago White Sox

How good is Brantley this year?  He just hit his 40th RBI last night, to along with another bomb.  Look alive, Brantley is in the middle of a line up with Lindor, and Encarnacion, so he doesn’t get much play – but he should as he’s bringing the funk with the stick and on the base paths as well.


Whit Merrifield vs Cincinnati Reds

Whit can hit, and he’s going to do it a lot in this Reds Series.  The Red’s have the 5th highest team ERA in the majors and the Royals are going to take advantage.  The Royals have the worst ERA in the majors, so a shoot out should be expected.


Good Luck gamers.