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By Des Boodam


There’s a part of pitching that is like avoiding the flu bug or a nasty cold, where you have your starters lined up for the week, and you are just hoping for the best.  You have a wave of 5-6 starters, and you are praying just to get through it.  Some weeks all five will make it through, others they will all come down with the sickness, but most of the time results are split and one or two pitchers will ruin what would’ve been an amazing team line.  That’s how I feel with my recommendations, as each starter takes the mound, and I dodge bullet by bullet, and by the end of the week I’m completely healthy… or not!   Last week, we were given a clean bill of health.




Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles
The Red Sox have one of the best offenses and the Orioles have one of the worst pitching staffs.  This translates to big things for both offense and pitching.  Eduardo Rodriguez takes a 7-1 record into Camden Yards to battle an Orioles team that strikes out more than any team in the AL.  The pitcher opposite Rodriguez is a slug too, so I’m expecting W in this one with a great K-rate.  Big cash play in the daily game as well.


San Francisco Giants at Miami Marlins
The Marlins are still terrible, and the Giants aren’t much better.  The Giants staff however is above average and the Marlins have scored the fewest runs in the majors.  They don’t kill you with the long ball either.  I’m seeking out any and every starting pitcher for the Giants for spot starts, GPP plays and cash plays as well.





Chris Stratton at Miami Marlins

Stratton who has won four of his last five games get’s a soft hitting Florida lineup that is also banged up and is up against an opposing pitcher whose ERA is north of five.  The numbers say Stratton is a good play.


Madison Bumgartner at Miami Marlins


The pitch count cap will be lifted, and you should role with Bumgartner with confidence.


Jake Odorizzi vs Detroit Tigers


This is not a slam dunk, but I wanted to think outside the box a little here.  Odorizzi has a great K-rate against a team that strikes out a lot and doesn’t hit a lot of home runs.  He is on the road and the Tiger’s starter is serviceable, but Odorizzi is capable of double digit Ks in this one.


Caleb Smith vs San Francisco Giants

He’s the type of pitcher that will eventually burn you if you go to the well with him too many times.  Excellent K-rate, but struggles with control at times.  I like the matchup at home, and I think he has the ability to tame the Giants’ bats in this one.


Good Luck gamers.