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By Des Boodam


How’s your staff doing?  How is it structured?  Are you a daily spot starter that attempts to exploit matchups?  Are you relief pitcher heavy because it drives down ERA, WHIP and drives up K-rate?  Or do you keep a bunch of starters… (a bunch is more than six).  Your strategy is the right one IF your pitchers are performing in it.  I started with Severino, Carrasco, Corbin, Snell and McCullers.  All are high K/9 guys and all except Snell are on good offensive teams.  I started out as hot as a firecracker, putting forth only quality innings with lots of Ks and lots of W’s.  Corbin and Snell were amazing value plays especially in the daily game and I contemplated selling high on Corbin especially as his velocity has dipped.

Now Corbin is average at best, and has no value.  I’m stuck with him hoping for the best.  Carrasco is injured and I’ve had no success spot starting pitchers like Chris Stratton and Caleb Smith.  My ratio stats have ballooned and the league is catching me in W’s.  I am in crisis mode, and have not fallback except to hope my guys turn it around.  Severino and Snell have been anchors but aside from that I’m sunk.  So now I’m constantly harvesting the waiver wire, looking for some Gems and some studs to acquire via trade… here’s 10 starters I’m looking at this week.




Jason Verlander –  at home against Tampa Bay…. No problem!!


Chris Sale – I’ll take Sale against anyone especially the Twins


Luis Severino – at home against Seattle?? Yes Please!!


Madison Bumgarner – this start will get him back into STUD status. The matchup is good, and he’s at home…. sign him up.


Corey Kluber – A home matchup against the White Sox is every starting pitcher’s dream come true… Kluber is an outstanding high dollar play in daily.







Mike Soroka – The Braves are great on the road and the Jays strike out a bunch


Mike Montgomery – at home against the Dodgers, Montgomery has been better than Yu Darvish and goes against Rich Hill who is coming off the DL


Matthew Boyd – On the road, but has a great matchup great ratios and a perfect spot start.


Anibal Sanchez –  Remember this guy??  He’s putting together a great season and has a better matchup on the road against the Blue Jays.  He’s been a top 90 pitcher in the last 30 days and is likely better than some of the starters that you currently have.


Matt Magill – he’s a waiver wire gem this week, as he gets a Texas Rangers team that struggles offensively on the road.