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By Des Boodam


Every single team has officially played at least 81 games and there is a lot to talk about.  The biggest challenge for me, is reserving may opinion, while also making it fantasy relevant.  For me the key when analyzing large data sets is to stick with what the numbers are saying and then giving an opinion on whether those number will or will not hold up in the second half.  Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful players by position.


Catcher – Evan Gattis

The #2 Catcher in the game is hanging by a very thin thread, so get what you can, while you can, because the Astros are a legit contender to repeat and won’t deal with a slump by affording Gattis more playing time.  Gattis hit’s a fly ball about two thirds of the time which is way above the league average and seldom walks.  This is a perfect storm of digression, though Gattis not ever actually playing catcher makes him an intriguing play.  I just don’t know that he can sustain this level of production.


First Base – Jesus Aguilar

Aguilar in general is a good hitter, who does well when the count is in his favor.  It’s when the count is not in his favor and how Aguilar performs that sets him apart. He’s outstanding when batting with two strikes, which leads me to believe he’s a keeper, especially considering you likely got him for pretty cheap if not free.


Second Base – Scooter Gennett

No surprise here – Gennett who had a 80/27/97 line with a .342 OBP in 2017 is a legit player, who is now All-Star bound.  Normally I would say sell high on Gennett, but since he only had 461 ABs last season and the numbers show he is here to stay,   Aside from steals he’s Jose Altuve with more power.


Third Base – Ozzie Albies

In some leagues Albies has third base eligibility while Gennett may also have third base as well.  Albies predominantly plays 2nd, but I wasn’t about to leave either player off this list.  The problem with Albies is that he’s young, and has already showed signs of slowing down.  He’s heated back up lately, but he’s not a pure hitter in any sense.  This should be a red flag for you, as you seek consistency down the stretch.  I recently traded Albies and Elvis Andrus for Trea Turner, as I needed steals and OBP upticks.  If Albies would steal I would hold.


Short Stop – Javier Baez

I could never say “I never thought” Baez would be this good, because I did think that.  The only problem, is that for the second year in a row, I dropped him sat the start of the season, because I needed his roster spot, and I lacked patience.   Baez is stealing bases and hitting for power, which makes up for his lack of plate discipline.  Who cares about plate discipline though, when the counting stats are piling up.  I prefer for Baez to bat 7th over 2nd, but I’ll take either even if he steals more at the seventh spot.    I’m holding… the Cubs are a top 5 offense in June.