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By Des Boodam


With All-Star Votes in, there are some clear snubs… and obviously some surprise additions… Bryce Harper’s .218 batting average being voted in, is an obviously questionable addition.  AL ERA leader Blake Snell was an outright snub not getting voted in, or selected to join the team… yes I’m dumbfounded by this as well. My boy Scooter got in and so did Albies.

For fantasy purposes however, I look at players who have put up all-star numbers in the past, but had miserable first halves, and I wonder – how legit is this implosion?  Most of these players cost a pretty penny on draft day, and now owners are up the creek, stuck with once assets who are now liabilities because they have no trade value.

But is there hope?????  I believe there is, so here is a list of five players who have had average or below first halves to the season that will bounce back in the 2nd half.  These are buy low players if you don’t own them, and holds if you do.  Offense was done earlier, and so here are 5 pitchers we think will have redeeming 2nd halves.


#1 – Clayton Kershaw – LAD

The ratio stats are there, but could be better, after all you got Kershaw in the first round.  It’s the WINS that are burning you up.  I’m high on the Dodgers in the 2nd half and Kershaw is a big part of that.   The K rate is concerning as well only because it’s way lower than it usually is.  You’re stuck with him, so hope for the best.


#2 – Carlos Carrasco – CLE

Carrasco is so streaky that it’s frustrating to own him, but when he’s good, he’s great.  I like the Indians roster, they are a bit like the Dodgers, but more dominant in their division.  Carrasco will cut down the HRs in the second half  and his ERA will crash.  K-rate should hold, and all of the other stats should align.  Just deal with the 1-2 more blow ups from here on out.


#3 –  Robbie Ray – ARI

You drafted him to strike out a boat-load of hitters right? Well he’s doing that, but killing all of your stats as well,  including wins.  Arizona will be competitive so the wins will come.  Ray can’t strike out people for ever, he will need to add a another pitch, because he is tanked by the fourth after.  If the ERA and WHIP drop down,  Ray will be one of the most valuable pitchers in the 2nd half.


#4 – Carlos Martiniez – STL

You didn’t draft him for his K-rate, but he’s been pretty “meh” in the other measurables.  St. Louis is another team that is going to be competing down the stretch, so look for Martinez to get dialed in for an amazing 2nd half.    He’s been decent of late, so there’ s reason to be optimistic.


#5 – Chris Archer – TB

I’ve mentioned Archer earlier, but I think he’s got amazing command of his pitches.  He could become a major principal in a trade deal, so pitching for a contender will help.  Archer is Daily Fantasy dream on the GPP side as well as he’s capable of ripping off double digit Ks at any time.  I would play the matchups with Archer because he can get rocked as well.  I believe he’ll be matchup proof.


Good Luck Gamers.