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FANTASY BASEBALL: TURNING TURNERS-Who’s Destined For a Better 2nd Half

By Des Boodam


With All-Star Votes in, there are some clear snubs… and obviously some surprise additions… Bryce Harper’s .218 batting average being voted in, is an obviously questionable addition.  AL ERA leader Blake Snell was an outright snub not getting voted in, or selected to join the team… yes I’m dumbfounded by this as well.

For fantasy purposes however, I look at players who have put up all-star numbers in the past, but had miserable first halves, and I wonder – how legit is this implosion?  Most of these players cost a pretty penny on draft day, and now owners are up the creek, stuck with once assets who are now liabilities because they have no trade value.

But is there hope?????  I believe there is, so here is a list of five players who have had average or below first halves to the season that will bounce back in the 2nd half.  These are buy low players if you don’t own them, and holds if you do.


Before I start with my big five – let me first mention Jose Altuve, Trea Turner, and Charlie Blackmon owner who may need to be talked off the ledge.  All three players were top 10 picks who are currently outside top 30… and all three will be just fine.  All play on good rosters whose teams as a whole will have better 2nd halves.  You can add, Gincarlo Stanton to this list of bounce backs as well.  BUY LOW ON ALL OF THEM.


#1 Kris Bryant – Chicago Cubs

He’s coming off a shoulder injury and hasn’t looked right all season.  Bryant has been very inconsistent, but the injury seems to be the great equalizer.  The Chicago Cubs have stayed hot offensively, and so Bryant should be able to enter back into his spot in the lineup without having to bear too much of an offensive burden.  I like the way the Cubs are hitting, and  Bryant will work out the kinks upon his return and his stats should follow suit.


#2 Gary Sanchez – New York Yankees

I like Sanchez in that Yankees lineup, and he’s definitely a threat at the plate when he’s in the lineup.  His OBP, which is below three is a major drag, but he’s a great contact hitter who isn’t going anywhere upon his return.


#3 Justin Turner – Los Angeles Dodgers

Turner has been nothing but frustrating after smacking 5 RBIs in his second game back.  He’s done virtually nothing since his return, but the baseball world is well aware of what his potential upside is.  After the All-Star Break he’ll be healthy and rip roaring to go, and that .260 avg. should bump to the .290 area.  I expect a major hot streak soon in that improving offense.



#4 Jose Abreu – Chicago White Sox

Abreu has put up terrible numbers, but that’s partly due to him playing on a terrible team.  His power is down due in part to the fact that pitchers don’t need to pitch to him.   He needs to take more pitches, and hit more bombs, the pitches will come and ultimately the OBP will trend upwards and counting stats will follow.


#5 Josh Donaldson – Toronto Blue Jays

You can’t spell Donaldson with out a “D” and “L” but when he plays he’s amazing.   Donaldson only makes sense here if he’s traded to a contender.  I think he does get traded and will in turn light up the box score.


Good Luck Gamers.