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by Des Boodam


Tight End is going to be crazy this season, because of all the turnover at this position as well QB turnover.  Like most positions TE is top heavy and the rest are similar in value.  I usually don’t pay attention to the TE position until the very end and plug someone in.  This year, I’m going to pay a little more attention and do my diligence in my draft prep with the expectation that my angles churn out some one that’s good from start to finish.  Let’s see how this plays out.


#1.  Rob Gronkowski – there really isn’t a reason to explain myself further on this one… after all, Gronk is easily the best TE in the league when both He and Brady are firing on all cylinders.


#2.  Travis Kelce – There will be games this season, when Kelce out scores Gronk and you’ll have gotten great value.  Kelce is much cheaper and almost equally exposed to.  I like him a lot, but he is one concussion away from a season or career ending response.


#3. Evan Engram – He was already in the top 10 in most major receiving categories amongst other TEs.  Engram starts a youth movement of TEs including him, O.J. Howard, David Njoku, and Austin Hooper that will soon be the face of the TEs around the league.


#4. Greg Olsen – He’s back and ready to assume his role as Cam Newton’s favorite target.  I like Olsen in this offense and he’s healthy.  A healthy 8 targets per game is something I fully intend to role with.


#5.  Delanie Walker – he has quietly become a top TE with very little recognition or fanfare.    Walker does well staying on the field and should be very involved in the Tennessee offense.  Look for a bunch of TDs, and red zone looks galore.


#6.  Kyle Rudolph Kirk Cousins loves his Tight Ends and Rudolph was already a great pass catcher in this offense.  Look for Rudolph’s role to increase  in this offense as Cousins will look his way frequently this season.


#7.  Jordan Reed – Speaking of concussions, Jordan Reed is hanging on by an extremely  thin thread, but there’s no doubt that Alex Smith knows how to find the TE, but those pesky injuries bump him down a few spots.  High Risk, High reward for Reed buyers


#8.  Jimmy Graham – I think Aaron Rodgers will like throwing to Jimmy Graham, but by no means do I think Graham will be the focal point of this offense.  Rodgers has a big target in Graham, but he also is great at finding small tight windows.  Graham will get his looks, and unless Rodgers loves having Graham around just lower your expectations.


 #9.  Austin Hooper – there’s lot to like about Hooper… he’s in a great offense, he has experience with Matt Ryan, and he blocks which keeps him on the field.  He’s got great hands, decent speed, and could very well be the first in a long line of young TEs that start taking over.


#10. Zach Ertz –he’s got a great relationship with Carson Wentz which earns him a few more targets per game.  You’ve all seen Ertz and his ability to stretch the field he should be even more satisfying to won.  Enjoy this high volume offense, and know that  Ertz is going to get a lot of run in this offense.