By Des Boodam


The All-Star Break has come and gone, and the worst four sports days of the year have come to an agonizing end.  Bryce Harper pleased the home town crowd in the HR derby and the ASG went to extra innings with the AL winning for the sixth consecutive year… and as suspected no body really care.   And the impact on fantasy baseball??

It’s pretty much little to nothing, though I like my fantasy team to be off for the break, so that they can come back on Friday fully refreshed.  I know this is only a half week – but there’s some juicy matchups you need to exploit… ready?? Go!!


Chris Sale at Detroit
Nothing wrong with starting with a softball… Major college football programs do it every year.  Sale will dominate the Tigers in Detroit… I would say that Sale pitched in the ASG so I don’t see him going longer than six  innings in this one, which will also impact his K rate.


David Price @ Detroit


I can pick on some Tigers now folks. Price has been below average this semester, inconsistent and even out of shape.  This leads me to believe that he is due a wallop of a second half, and really has the tools in place to be successful.  He’s still missing bats but needs to work on control.  Boston has a  great lineup and at the end of the day he’s matching up with the Detroit Tigers which makes him a starter worth considering.   The Price is right!


Nick Pivetta vs San Diego


The Phillies are legit playoff contenders and have a feisty young pitching staff that had a great first half.  Part of that group is Nick Pivetta who has a K-rate that we love.   I’m not crazy about his ratio stats, but this one should be an easy win against a San Diego team that wants no part of being in Philadelphia after a long lay off.


Johnny Cueto @ Oakland


And we love Cueto for the opposite reason that we love Pivetta.  His K rate is decent but those ratio stats are nice and low.  Word of advice, good pitching team lines are hard to come by in the second half, because hitters get smarter in that humid July and August air.  Pitchers under 3 total ERA and under 1.10 in WHIP are a hot commodity.  That’s why we love Cueto.


Zack Grienke vs Colorado
This is a favorable matchup in his first start back after the break.  Grienke gets a Colorado team with some good bats that become noticeably hollow when playing on the road.  Colorado doesn’t scare me, even Arizona.  Grienke opposing pitching matchup is good as well.   Grienke’s line won’t blow you away, but it’s pretty great, and Grienke gets better as the season ages.  I’m going Zack Attack on Sunday as well.