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By Des Boodam


We are coming up on the dog days of August, and it’s there’s only time to look forward.  You’ve battled through injuries, and will continue to do so, you’ve dealt with under performers and now trades will be flying around like crazy for the next few days.  Player performance is what it is and it’s time to pay for what you get, because there’s not enough time to recover.  Let’s check out who may be available on the wire and has a favorable matchup this week…



Jesse Winker  – vs. St. Louis & vs. Philadelphia

Winker has been a top 30 fantasy player over the last 30 days and that is noteworthy. With a 13/3/20 stat line in that time that stat blows me away is his .517 OBP.  Winker is only 32% owned because every other team has players that are not performing as well, but were very costly on draft day.  That’s why owners are willing to stick it out with players like Michael Conforto while passing on better performers like Winker.  The downfall for Winker is that he’s light on power and speed while crushing it in counting stats and OBP.  He’s most likely your if you’re willing to take the shot.


Derek Dietrich – vs Atlanta & vs Washington

With 20/5/11 line Dietrich offers a perfectly complimentary line compared to Winkers.  Dietrich offers more power and speed by a small margin, but a lower OBP.  Dietrich will get you more runs, but fewer RBIs.  Both have equally as difficult or easy matchups as well, so really you need to target the stat that you want.  I do love DD’s multiple position eligibility so wherever you have a need, pick him up and plug him in as he qualifies in the OF and every IF position except SS.


Steve Piscotty at Texas & at Colorado

If power is what you need than Piscotty is your guy.  OBP will suffer a bit, but not enough to kill your line.  Piscotty chips in with a little speed as well, while piling up the counting stats as well.  Piscotty gets two monster matchups this week, playing in two hitter’s parks with below average pitching.  Feel free to ride him for the week or longer…


Rougned Odor vs Oakland & at Houston

Odor has had a great month and has been swinging a hot bat lately.  He’s not anywhere close to his ceiling but this last few weeks has been encouraging.  Seven steals in the last month is a crazy number, and if you mix in the power he’s a great add.  Think about who you have playing at 2nd base right now… do you have them in your mind… well in the last month Odor has been better than whoever you have been starting…. Crazy eh??



Jose Bautista vs San Diego & at Pittsburgh

Bautista has been great in the last month, and has some great matchups this week.  I know that you aren’t super stoked about picking him up, but he’s been a top 70 player this month.  I love Bautista more with a bat-flip, but I’ll take his stats and you should too, especially if you are rolling with Justin Turner or Rafael Devers or many others that struggling mightily.