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By Des Boodam


It’s time to line up your starters for the week, and there are some interesting matchups in both the daily game, and season long that I’m hoping we both can exploit.  Pitching can be slippery – has sure fire starters can get lit up, and high ERA guys can bring the funk.  This past week has been no different as certain pitchers who were cold had great post ASG starts like Carlos Carrasco.  Consequently other like Lance McCullers who were hot, but lambasted.  This season has been good, in that pitchers are better than hitters… so the odds are in your favor should you take a flyer.  Check these guys out.


Brett Anderson vs Oakland Athletics

Anderson has been pretty bad this season, but in the last month he’s been a top 15 pitcher.  With an excellent K rate, as well as a sub two ERA and a low WHIP Anderson also draws a nice home matchup against the light hitting Oakland A’s.  I’m excited about this matchup in the Daily game as well and will be dialing up several GPPs this week.


Jordan Zimmerman at Kansas City

Quirky injuries and all Zimmerman has been solid this month and visits one of the worst line-ups in the major leagues.  All of his stats line up and although his season long stats tell me he’s going to get shelled soon, I don’t think it will be this week against the Royals.   Another Daily Fantasy potential dream play… thanks me later.


Mike Fiers vs Cleveland

Dude has been great over the last 40 innings and unfortunately plays on a bad Tiger’s roster.  He’s got a tough matchup this week, but if you are looking for quality innings, than Fiers can give them to you.  Fiers may be worth a flyer if he get’s traded to a contender.  I can see this happening, which would send his value soaring, especially if he lands in Boston or Philadelphia.  Keep a look out.


Anibal Sanchez vs Los Angeles

Sanchez has given fantasy owners great peripherals and over the last month and his K rate has it so that he should be owned in more than 54% of leagues.  Everyone needs a good K rate and low ERA and WHIP… why he’s not more widely owned is beyond me.  He’s not killing it in the W column, but the Braves are in it, so there’s no reason why this wouldn’t improve in the second half.


Dan Straily vs Washington

He’s the best of the bench in my opinion and only 5% owned across season long right now.  Washington is a farce, and no longer intimidates pitchers so the matchup is a non-issue.  Straily has given out many a quality outing in the last month.  He’s K rate leaves more to be desired, but I’ll take that if I get an era around 2.50 and a WHIP just above 1.00.   He’s worth a shot in all formats.