By Des Boodam


There are basically 8 weeks left and you have something to play for, so play hard and play to win.  Your leagues trading deadline is up next week, so you’ll only have the FA wire to depend on; and that’s not a bad thing.  A lot of managers will play the spot start game for the final two months in search of quality innings.  This is a poor strategy that I liken to a type of game show way of playing the game.  Where the game builds you up by allowing you to achieve incremental success, but the more success you have the greater your odds are of falling on your face, and losing it all.  This is how spot starting works, and if you’ve deployed this strategy and it has worked, than all of your dart board throws hit the bulls eye for you… congratulations… you should go to Vegas and play a dice rolling game.  There are pitchers available that will help you down the stretch – these are not spot start guys, but players that you should consider rostering to give your pitching stats a boost.


Zack Wheeler – New York Mets. 45% owned.


Zach on the attack Wheeler has had a dominating 4 week stretch by which he hasn’t allowed an earned run in his last two starts, has struck out more than a batter per inning, and is the 10th ranked starter in fantasy ahead of pitchers like Gerritt Cole, Aaron Nola and Trevor Bauer.  I would’ve loved to see him get traded to a contender but hey you can’t have it all.  He looks great, and there’s a better than 50/50 chance he’s available in your league… no brainer pick up here folks.


Carlos Rodon – Chicago White Sox 47% owned.


It all depends on what you need with Rodon.  He plays on one of the worst teams in the majors, but he’s been one of the best pitchers in the last thirty days.  His 1.26 ERA and 0.84 WHIP in that time is second only to Chris Sale, which is crazy given his ownership.  I get it though, Rodon has been highly touted season after season and has been a huge let down, and no body likes a stat chaser.  It doesn’t look like he’ll rack up a bunch of wins or big K numbers, but he’s far from a killer in that area.  If you need help with ratio stats – hook him up.


Dereck Rodriguez – San Francisco Giants 48% owned.


Want to know how good your league it???  Go find out who and when this guy was added to the roster of someone in your league.  If he’s available go get him now!  He’s a stretch run savior, and has been a killer over the last four weeks.  He’s the NL version of Rodon, so see above for the full write-up…


Anibal Sanchez – Atlanta Braves 60% owned


I’ve banged the Sanchez drum before, and I’m still sticking to my guns.  Everyone keeps waiting for him to implode, but he hasn’t.  In the meantime he’s pitching behind one of the best statistical offenses in the league and his K-rate great!!