By Des Boodam


Another Major League trade deadline has come and gone and this year all the wheeling and dealing that his been done has major fantasy implications even more so than in years past.  With a lot of pitchers and offense shuffling around there was a lot of analysis to be done.  I like to give it about 4-7 days to see how teams use the players they acquire, namely offensive players and a relief pitchers.

Starters are starters and leave nothing more to be analyzed, but every other position is hot, and this year necessitated some additional thought.  In the daily game – trades add a little zest to roster construction, but prices on FanDuel and DraftKings usually calibrate within days.  Of course player value is a bit wonky even after that time, but in the daily game you will traditionally get what you pay for.  In season long leagues value fluctuates a great deal more.

Managers truly gets duped as players that are on their active rosters have significantly less value because they were traded to other teams, but other player have more value.   In the fantasy world, it all balances out, but in the in the eyes of managers, many are left grasping for hope.  Here’s what I’m seeing.


Ian Kinsler to the Boston Red Sox


Initially I loved this move, but than Kinsler went all Kinsler on us and went on the DL.  Although it would be nice to have him healthy, when he does get back he is going to be in the best line up in the majors.  This is a huge upgrade for Kinsler owners.  Dustin Pedroia has been rendered useless, so any manager holding out hope, if we’re being honest – you should’ve known better.


Chris Archer to the Pittsburgh Pirates


There is a definite uptick in value anytime you are pitcher going from the American League to the National League and playing behind a better offense in a better park.  Fantasy owners looking to trade Archer themselves now have more leverage.  I like Archer in this spot, and I like him in the daily game as well.  Archers ERA and K-rate have been better against NL teams than his career averages, so there’s reason to be optimistic here, while also holding if you were planning on moving him.


Wilson Ramos to the Philadelphia Phillies


Ramos was having a big year already, before a trip to the DL.  If he comes back on August 15th as planned, he will have a definite impact down the stretch.  He is playing in a better power ball park, and will play in meaningful game, as the Phillies sit atop their division.  Yes it’s surprising, but the lineup is good, and Ramos will hopfully get to enter into that.  Keep in mind Ramos is going to play only 60% of the time because of a time-share with the effective Jorge Alfaro. This will be a tough pill for fantasy owners who will need to be intentional about spot starting Catchers down the stretch.


Brian Dozier to the Los Angeles Dodgers


In my favorite move of the deadline,  Dozier gets to go to a stacked lineup in L.A.  The fact that they can fit an infielder into their already stacked offense is amazing.  This team is now looking at Max Muncy/Cody Bellinger at first, Dozier at second, Justin Turner at third, Manny Machado at SS… that doesn’t seem  right on paper.   It is right however, and Dozier could be very productive down the stretch.


Jonathan Schoop to the Milwaukee Brewers


Schoop’s value possibly declines here as though he’s in a better line-up, he’ll only be batting sixth.  An extra infielder is strange to say the least so Schoop will not be over worked.  Schoop won’t make much of an impact early.