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By Des Boodam


Usually my weekly dose pieces for both pitching and offense pertain to season long plays, and I may briefly include some daily insight.  I’ve played daily fantasy baseball all summer long, but seldom write entire pieces on it, because I’m over cautious about writing a DFS article the night before, about players who might be playing the following day.

There are so many variables in the game of baseball that recommending player that may not even play is perplexing for me, and when a simple rainout happens and neglect to look at myself in the mirror.  My point is daily fantasy baseball is hard to predict and write about the night before the game, as many of the most important factors in the game must be considered on the day of the game.

For that I’ve stuck to commentary mostly concerning season long plays.  I do want to take this opportunity to share a strategy piece that has paid off for me this season, and am confident it could pad your FanDuel account if you pick your spots… stay with me here…




  • J.D. Martinez — .31
  • Nelson Cruz — .30
  • Joey Gallo — .28
  • Mooke Betts — .27
  • Nolan Arenado — .27
  • Max Muncy — .26
  • Aaron Judge — .26
  • Gleybar Torres — .24
  • Gincarlo Stanton — .23
  • Manny Machado — .23


So J.D Martinez who is now an elite fantasy and real life baseball player basically hits a bomb every three games, which I’m certain is more than what you expected when you drafted him in season long.  Except this is daily, and he is butt expensive on FanDuel.


The problem is, that I believe heavily in the long ball in the daily game, so I am either pursuing the cheapest source of power I can at every position or I am playing the matchup and spending big with the hopes that a favorable matchup with will yield multiple HRs thus racking up the fantasy points.  The top 10 are there because they are hitting bombs in all conditions, against all pitcher types , in any park, but the next tier I believe are way more shifty.  Let’s see where we can drive out some value.


Yasmani Grandal –   .20  — He’s hitting a HR every five games, which isn’t great from a volume standpoint, but you don’t need him for volume, you just need him for one game.  He’s got a few in Colorado this week against that shaky pitching staff – so I’m going to take my shot at some point this weekend.


Rougned Odor – .16 – don’t look now, but Odor has been the third best offensive player in fantasy in the last month.  Now you give me Odor in a pitchers park, in the humidity of New York, with an average pitching staff and no chance of facing Severino???  Yes please – Odor has made me a bunch of money in the last two weeks, so why not you?


C.J. Cron — .21 – I love his HR rate right now and I think it’s higher by the end of 2018.  Cron has a power swing and will be going up against Baltimore’s soft staff at home.  Tampa Bay doesn’t have the best hitters park, but the Baltimore pitching staff gives up the most HRs in the majors. I’ll gladly take a risk on those metrics.