By  Des Boodham


I recently finished up a piece on DFS strategy for offensive players, which included my affection for chasing the long-ball while outlining some favorable matchups this weekend (8/10 – 8/12).  Well what’s good for the offensive goose is good for the pitching gander – and there’s some exceptional value I am going to be targeting this weekend.  Remember with pitching, it can be a crapshoot, and FanDuel does an amazing job at placing valuation on players.  I’m looking for the cheapest K-rate combined with the best shot at a “W”… easier said than done right?  Regardless here are some targets for this weekend.


Zack Wheeler – New York Mets at Miami


In his last two starts, Wheeler is 2-0 with a 0.77 WHIP, no earned runs and 16 Ks in 13 innings… and now he has the Miami Marlins.  This one is a no-brainer, even though the Mets offensive stinks as well.  Wheeler’s matchup is great and he’s been throwing some heat over the last several weeks really?  Don’t let a brutal start sour you on Wheeler, he could carry your daily roster.


Gerritt Cole – Houston Astros vs Seattle Mariners


Cole has been better than expected all season long as he’s moved up in value incrementally week over week.  He checks all the boxes too, with a great K-rate and a good shot at a W every time out behind that offense.  I like Cole this week, because Seattle has been quiet offensively and he has struck out at least 5 in every outing this season.  He’s the top dog price wise, but, he’s also the most sure thing on Fridays slate.


Blake Snell – Tampa Bay at Toronto


Don’t get caught with visions of Snell returning to form in this one.  I do think Snell has legit #1 stuff, and should be able to handle the Jays, but I was super uncomfortable with the fact that the Rays pulled Snell after only four innings in an attempt to ease him back into the rotation.  I can’t speak the Rays managerial styles when it comes to pitching, but it seems like there’s a good chance that could happen again for at least one more game.  STAY AWAY


Carlos Carrasco – Cleveland Indians vs Chicago White Sox
Carrasco has done an amazing job turning his season around, and has been the 15th best fantasy player and 2nd best pitcher in the last 30 days.  This will give loyal owners some encourage, since every start was an adventure earlier on.  The White Sox have one of the worst offenses in the league as well, so this should be a no-brainer.  The value will be there, though the price may be a bit higher.



Chris Sale – Boston Red Sox vs Baltimore Orioles


Yes Sale is coming back from an injury, but he’s getting an Orioles team that lacks leadership and a desire to win after a double header the previous day.  My guess is Sale will be going up against a minor league roster, and he will dominate it, while only going 6 innings at the most.  Alright it’s a big name weekend, so be prepared to spend a little more with these favorable matchups.


Good Luck Gamers.