FANTASY FOOTBALL – News and Notes From Camp 8/10/18

By Des Boodam


I’ll say this – I hate pre-season football – I am currently on pins and needles when considering that my fantasy assets/investments are on the field in in meaningless games.  For Coaches these games are NOT meaningless, so I’m certain they scoff at the general public who approach the pre-season this way.  But I’m all about ME – and I don’t want my impact players stepping foot on the field.   Until the real season starts, I’m going to provide a weekly recap of the goings on of both training camp, and pre-season games.  Injuries, performances, cuts, coaching schemes, player volume, what the media is saying nothing is off limit.  Last night there were a bunch of games, and I try to look at what doesn’t happen as much as I look at what does happen.  So here is my two-minute drill of what went down.


A.J. Green – Cincinnati Bengals


I was amazed that Green played as much as he did in this one.  Andy Dalton played too, but no one cares about him.  Green is still easily a top 10 WR, possibly a top 6… and appears to be primed for yet another solid fantasy season.  He just doesn’t get enough play – but he is going to be a supreme performer in this offense, and daily fantasy savior.  With personalities like Odell Beckham, and Antonio Brown, it’s no wonder Green is the forgotten man, so if you go RB-RB in the first two rounds and Green is there  in the third– snatch him up!


Russell Wilson – Seattle Seahawks
There’s no reason to anchor down with a ton of analysis on Wilson – we all know what we are going to get.  Wilson, however continues to be a playmaker, and will be grinding it out all season long.  He could potentially be the number one fantasy QB by the end of the season and there will be weeks where he is the top dog.  He may be the best value at the QB position in DFS cash games.


Cam Newton – Carolina Panthers


I love Cam Newton this season, and will be eyeballing him in season long, as well as DFS cash.  He has a bunch of targets, a good running game, and he runs himself.  He is in a better offensive system with a coach who is committed to running plays where making completions is easier.  A career 58% completion QB – most successful QBs need to be at or above 60% — Cam was at 66% last night, and all eyes should be wide open.


Cleveland Browns – QUARTERBACKS


Both Baker Mayfield and Tyrod Taylor showed up well – so don’t read too much into this.  Taylor is still the guy, and Mayfield will still have little fantasy value this season. Don’t get your hopes up.



Saquon Barkley – New York Giants


Barkley by himself shouldn’t instill fear in anyone – but with a revamped O-line, Odell Beckham and Evan Ingram on the field he could be dangerous and difficult to wrangle in.  He looked good, and clearly his worth ethic, humility and attitude are translating well on the next level.  I called bust earlier on based on some concerning college stats – and though I’m not going back on that – I am not as confident in my initial bust prediction.


Dallas Goedert – Philadelphia Eagles


I won’t talk about a rookie TE very often – but this kid is legit.  He had a great camp so far, and a big time game in limited action.  In this offense he could have some monster games – he won’t get Gronk or Kelce type volume, but he will handle what he gets.  I won’t sweat the TE position by reaching early if I think I can Goedert late and build depth at other positions.


Draft time is near folks – put in some work, and it will pay off.