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By Des Boodam

(Article 1 of 2)


Remember – we are never putting too much stock in what happens during the pre-season.

We really want to see how players are being used, and who is healthy.   Paying attention to actual production is fruitless, and giving too much weight to a player’ stats during the preseason is a great way to get your fantasy team into a lot of trouble.  Coaches are never going to release their full play book in pre-season let a lone a small percentage of it, and you can never tell when a player is producing against second or third string athletes or starters.

Combine that all together, and it’s just prudent to anchor down on how individual players are being used and those around them are being used.  Also – follow your team’s beat writer there’s some great ones out there, and following them on Twitter provides a beacon of wealth for you.  Here are some quick notes of how the season is developing.


Andrew Luck to Eric Ebron – let’s just be excited that the Colts first unit actually scored.  I don’t know how good Luck will be, but I can tell you that he is a game changing QB, capable of leading a pile of crappy players to the playoffs.  He loves throwing to his TEs and the best of Eric Ebron is still to come.


Alfred Morris – 84 yards on 17 carries is noteworthy.  In any game where Morris is designated as the starter he’s a definite spot start or GPP play.


Lamar Jackson – I would question his fantasy relevance this year, but anything could happen.  I think he’s worth a flier in a dynasty league, but I would conclude this… he has a monster ceiling.  He ripped off impressive play after play in five 2nd drives, and has long as he can beat you with his legs, he has Cam Newton upside.


Kenyan Drake – I think he’s a legit playmaker – with big play capabilities at every stage.  For me he’s a matchup dependent daily fantasy cash game and GPP play only.  It is my opinion that good defenses will be able to game plan towards stopping him rendering DRAKE a boom or bust RB perfect for the daily game.


Marquise Lee – ouch!!!!  This one doesn’t look good.  Anytime a player is grabbing his knee with both hands before his body hits the ground it isn’t a good sign.  Assuming Lee is done for the season, Donte Moncrief is a legit sleeper that no one is thinking about.  He just signed a $9.6 million contract, and if Bortles is just average, Moncrief should get 10-12 targets per game.  How this translates into fantasy value I don’t know, but I’m certainly interested if I can get him late.


Matt Ryan – he’s a B quarterback at best, and shouldn’t be a starting QB on anyone’s roster in Week 1.  The Falcons struggled with Jacksonville pressure in their third pre-season game and were terrible on third down.  I’m a seller on this offense.


See my second piece on week three preseason news and notes.