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By Des Boodam


It’s been over 9 months my friends since I composed a fantasy football piece about current week plays, and it’s been way too long.  Week 1 is here, and I’m about to blast readers with pieces on both Daily Fantasy Football plays as well as on individual game betting lines and game analysis.  I am going to put a spotlight on the World Series of Handicapping site as well as a Daily Game breakdown including game types and strategy to help maximize your earnings potential.




If single game betting is in your wheelhouse, and you haven’t joined already, you need to go to right away and set up your profile to participate in this fun but challenging contest.  The goal is to accumulate the most points through 17 weeks by choosing 7 game outcomes each week, and ranking each of your seven picks in order based on confidence.  It is a grueling contest and extremely difficult, so bring your friends and go head to head with them or the field.  There are weekly payouts if you are a member and have a perfect 7-0 week, and of course an annual payout for having the highest point total after 17 weeks.  Simply access the WSOH link above, and follow the instructions on how to set up a profile, and make your picks.  A few wise words… once you submit your picks you can’t make any changes.  You get negative points so don’t miss games where you assign high confidence levels.  I will preview a select handful of games every week, while also providing a weekly recap based on the member picks and weekly standings.




Far and away my favorite game there are contests for every skill level and price point.  The two primary contest types are Cash Games (double-ups, 50/50s etc) and Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPP).  The contest sizes vary as well, as there can five players in a contest or hundreds of thousands of players.   Some contests you can only submit one roster, and other contests can be capped at 50 different rosters.  You will also have many options.
CASH GAMES – are generally reserved for a more conservative high floor, high ceiling roster where players are guaranteed to get a bunch of volume.  My personal sweet spot, is in 100-player 50/50 cash games ranging from $1.00-$5.00.  In a 50/50 with 100 players, the top 50 scores will scores will all walk away with the same amount.  These contests only allow one entry per participant, so you are literally putting your best lineup in as many of these contests as your bankroll candle.  I’ll generally use my cash game winnings to fund my GPP contests.


GPPs – these are tournaments where you will take your shots at boom or bust players and sneaky plays that may or may not go off.  The goal is to roster players that are cheap, but will produce at the same level as an expensive player.  Some of these contests are huge and offer payouts in the six figure range.  Some are much smaller.  I look for GPPs between 100-300 participants with a 10 entry max.  I don’t like to spend more than $1 or $2 per entry.  Obviously the more expensive the GPP the bigger the payout.


AGAIN – I USE MY CASH GAME EARNINGS TO FUND MY GPP SPENDING… because you never know when you a GPP roster may hit.