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By Des Boodam

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As alluded to earlier, Week 2 is, and has been one of the most difficult weeks to handicap, and this year was no different.  Our WSOH field pretty much got obliterated this week, including yours truly.  As I scoured the standings, there were so many familiar names at around my week 2 standings, and many of these names usually reside near the top of the weekly standings.

You would think this would make me feel better about myself, but it doesn’t.  There were a few bad beats, but many of the games were in hand from the start.  Tampa Bay controlled Philly, Tennessee controlled the Houston game, the Chiefs dominated the Steelers, the Bears owned the Seahawks, the Colts led from start to finish, Carolina never had a chance, and Saints were NEVER going to cover, and quite honestly I can go on.  Teams that you thought would get blown out, were relentless in victory and other teams that you would think would have a marvelous bounce back continued to exist in mediocrity.

That’s right I’m talking to you New Orleans, Detroit, New York Giants and Oakland Raiders.  Don’t forget about the teams you would think would have great follow up games, but also laid eggs… like the Jets, and Patriots.   Raise your hand if you agonized over the Minnesota vs Green Bay game???  Will Aaron Rodgers play or won’t he??  Well we all know how that turned out.  Let’s give out some props.

In a week where so many were woozy from misleading Week 1 performances we have to give props to week 2 top dog Gambler4life, who took their name literally this past weekend and practiced what their username preached.  5-2 is more than respectable, but the nailing of their confidence is equally impressive as they walk-off with 21.70 points and all alone at the top of the week 2 standings.

Also right up there was shotcallerrr who called their shots to 5-2 record with a slight downtick because of how they assigned their confidence picks vs Gambler4life.  Both Dukegirl21 and congokiwi finished with 6-1 records, but needed to shift their confidence assignments around more effectively on the front end as one them had only 13 points which a better record, that’s a delta of 8 points and yes very crazy.

Seriously though, a 6-1 record in these harsh week 2 conditions is nothing to scoff at.  Whether you’re a gambler or a shot caller who roots for Duke while in the Congo eating Kiwi – you all have a chance to make the this next week great and compete for the prize.

Sdiddy leads the way with 38.50 including a 5-2 record in Week 2, which followed a 6-0-1 record in Week 1.  Shotcallerrr and congokiwi are behind but the deficit is more than 10 points so they will either need to chip away at that lead or hope Sdiddy comes to them, both very likely.  Have a good week gamers, we have some work to do come Thursday.