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By Des Boodam


After a super shifty Week 2 that saw a lot of participants lose any ground they made up in Week 1 we can affectionately move on to Week 3.  It’s a new week, with a new slate, and yes it’s likely your record just made a major swing to into the red, it’s time for you to swing back into the black.  Unless of course you are one of the select few that killed it both weeks… and you would be in elite company.  Consequently you know that perch isn’t took difficult to be knocked down from, so it’s important that you keep your foot on the gas as well.  Let’s take a close look at where the field is and why.


Oakland +3 vs Miami
I love Oakland in this one, but be careful because Vegas knows what they are doing.  Miami has moved the ball better offensively than Oakland has and they are at home.  Oakland’s run defense is treacherous, and opposing RBs have carved them up as well, as the Raiders are one of the worst teams against the run.  I don’t think teams are going to be able to hold back a John Gruden team forever, but this week the Raiders are in tough.  I do think the game will be close enough where this is a good bet, I’m just shocked it’s at the top of everyone’s exploitation board.  Miami is much better than we are giving them credit for.


New York Jets +3 at Cleveland


I’m telling you don’t ever doubt Vegas.  They might be way off with some individual games, but usually they are right and their spread and over/under are often on point.  Cleveland won this game by 4 points meaning those who were on New York need one lowly point for the draw.  Props to the Browns for winning their first game in over 500 days.


New Orleans +3 vs Atlanta


I’m confused by this.  Atlanta almost beat Philly at Philly and Handled the Panthers who are a play off team rater easily.  The Falcons are pretty good, and better than people are giving them credit for.  Drew Brees is notorious for being a slow starter in road games and this could be a huge determining factor.  Atlanta 34 New Orleans 30


Tampa Bay +1 vs Pittsburgh


A home dog with the best QB two game start to a season in Tampa Bay is a bit insulting, especially since the Steelers have been bombed in two straight games… yes the Cleveland game counts because their Cleveland.  I like Fitzpatick’s ability to move the ball down the field by throwing both short and long balls.  I liked Pittsburgh last week but they let me down… way down and Big Ben not great on the road so those splits need to be factored in.  Pittsburgh would be slated win this game if it were in Pittsburgh, so this is tough one.  I do believe that the Steelers come in with a different type of focus, and a simpler defensive game plan, and get one back from the Bucs in what should be a loose game.  Pittsburgh 34 Tampa Bay 30