By Des Boodam


I get so frustrated sometimes, and it’s really not exactly about the game outcomes as much as it is my ability (or lack there of) to successfully analyze a particular outcome.  My record through 5 weeks is 17-18 and at -4.90 there’s some time to right the ship… and though that time is dwindling, I’m frustrated because in life, I expect so much more out of myself than a 50% ratio when picking games, even when it is against the spread.  To add to the frustration, I don’t even take my own advice… I’m swayed by the field, and frequently become wishy-washy with game outcomes and then avoid them all together.

It’s time to put an end to the back and forth, and rely heavily on my research and what the numbers are saying.  I respect the field tremendously, but this year, they aren’t much better than, so we need to get back to the numbers.  First, we need to recognize the success stories of this past week, because there were many, so let’s hand out some props.

Props to our first two 7-0 records of the season Fred14 and PunchFaceJenkins, for each taking vastly unique routs to a perfect record and securing 28 points, skyrocketing them up the standings.  The handle “PunchFaceJenkins” deserves a $50 payout buy itself, but the record and how they got there shouldn’t go unnoticed.  With five over/under selections and only two game outcomes selection there was a clear strategy with their Week 5 picks.

It was clear PunchFaceJenkins targeted specifically games where there would be a defensive battle, or where offenses (specifically QBs) would struggle to get adjusted.  The result a low scoring game with the under hitting and they were credited with four successful results.  Fred14 on the other hand chose all game outcomes aside from one over/under outcome where they concluded that the Patrick Mahomes would struggle to light up the scoreboard against the top rated defense in the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Chiefs did well, but the teams couldn’t combine to hit the over maintain a perfect week.

The only common pick between the two was ARIZONA, which is dumbfounding to me.  Arizona on the road with a rookie QB is a game I wouldn’t really touch let alone pick the Cardinals to win… and this is where my frustration lies.  Both of them did it though, and are reaping the fruits of their calculated risks.  Props to them both.

At the top of the overall standings is Allredb1 who lost a good chunk of ground finishing 3-4 in Week 5.  The gaps have narrowed considerably with many people making a move this past week.  Both CeCe and Shotcallerrr as well as DannyDaigo have tightened up the window and are now hovering near the top.  All three had great weeks and just when you think you’ve got the game figured Week 6 sneaks up on you.

I feel your pain… see you at the end of the week.