By Des Boodam


It’s tournament time – and I played a lot lighter in week 5, than I normally would, simply because I didn’t have a good feel for any one game in particular.  I like to target games that will be high scoring rather than stacking up on one team.  In GPPs I like finding cheap defenses that may or may not go off.  The goal is to find cheap players that go off OR find expensive players that the field will lay off of because they have bad matchups, roster those players and have them go off.  This is much easier for me than trying to analyze a crap ton of players in 13-16 different games. Last week I found no such game that I wanted to go in on, and of course my strategy is contingent on an equal opportunity shootout where both teams go off AND I throw the darts just right… so I’ve picked two games and have entire rosters built off the four teams involved in those two games.


Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots – so we have a top two offense in KC going up against an average defense in New England and we have a Patriots offense that is fully stocked and has had 10 days to prepare and get healthy.  The Patriots aren’t going to let the Chiefs sneak up on them again so they will be pedal to the floor all game long offensively.  The Chiefs may have trouble adjusting, but they are the fastest most athletic offense in the league, and will figure it out.  Foxboro is a tough place play especially for Rookie QBs but Pat Mahommes has defied all sense of reason so far this season at his position.


  • QB – Tom Brady, Pat Mahomes
  • RB – Kareem Hunt, Sony Michele, James White
  • WR – Tyreke Hill, Sammy Watkins, Julian Edelman, Philip Dorsett, Josh Gordon,
  • TE – Travis Kelce, Gronk


Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons


These are two of the worst secondaries in the NFL.  Both are banged up, and give up a ton of yardage via dump offs to RBs and TEs as well deep balls.  Matt Ryan will bounce back at home, and could throw 4-5 TDs in this one with no Devonta Freeman.  Jameis Winston is back and starting, and will be looking for his favorite targets once again.  Also with no running game, I expect a bunch pass attempts in this one, and Winston and pile up the rushing yards as well.  This should be a shootout as both defenses truly do stink.


  • QB – Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston
  • RB – Tevin Coleman
  • WR – Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, DeSean Jackson, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Mohammed Sanu
  • TE – Cameron Brate, Austin Hooper


I have about 12-15 lineups with players from just these four teams on it.  This is in no way a proven strategy, but it does allow you to streamline volume.  You also have to hit on the game(s) you choose because if Seattle vs Oakland or Chicago vs Miami turn out to be higher scoring games you will be up the creek.
Good luck gamers.