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By Des Boodam


A great philosopher once said — even when you win, you lose – or maybe it was every husband who won a debate with their wife – but either way, as I scroll through the standings I can safely conclude that this game is cruel.  You can finish with more wins than loses and still finish in the red – but that’s the game, and that’s the cost of doing business in this contest.

How a 4-3 record netted me a negative number is much easier to explain than how the 49ers played the Packers so close, how both Brady and Rodgers did that on the same week, how the Jets put up 40, how won with Osweiler, how the Jags gave up 40, and how the Titans laid an egg at home for the first time 40 years… all those results are baffling, but how this game is scored is most certainly NOT and so I stress to you the importance of nailing your top three picks and assigning your highest confidence points.

I’m tired of beating a dead horse and slipping down in the ranking… and I have some great angles for Week 7 so stay tuned…. In the meantime, let’s recognize some players who brought the funk and come correct.

So six combatants finished with a 6-1 record  but don’t be too impressed because their scores ranged from 17 points to 25.80 points.  That’s a big swing for one game… and if we give props to all 6-1 weekly record getters do we not have to give props to the five 5-2 players that finished with point totals higher than those who earned 6-1 records???

The answer is NO – I can give props to whom I want, when I want, and the one big thing is that I’m going to recognize greatness as recognized by total score, not total record.  So here’s major shout to raj07 who’s lone blemish was choosing the New England vs Kanas City game to go under in a game that I thought was the biggest no brainer on the Week 6 slate.  Perhaps they felt strongly that two of the worst secondaries in the NFL would figure out a way to stop two of the hottest QBs in the NFL… or maybe they were being contrarian with that selection.  Or maybe they said $50 buck – bah!!

Either way their record was 6-1 and they gained ground on the field.  Croatian Sharp 2 also finished at 6-1 with 25.90 points and picked the DAL/JAX game to hit on the under which it didn’t thanks to the Cowboys who pretty much did it themselves.  I heard a dozen professional handicappers recommend the under in this game, and I almost bit the hook, but this one made sense.  Props to both players for doing what is hard to do – finish a week 6-1.

Allredb1 finished 3-4 this week, and still lost fewer points than me who finished 4-3 so there’s a heart of a champion right there.  Yes their record narrowed a bit, but their lead in 14 points so there’s plenty of time to get back in the groove. Separation is really starting to be an issue, so if you are going to catch the current leader and you are outside the top 20, Week 7 would be the time to take some risks.  See you in a few days gamers!!